HECTOR: Badge of Carnage Ep1 Walkthrough

When I reviewed HECTOR: Badge of Carnage Ep1 a few weeks ago I was immensely impressed by the amount of work and creativity gone into it. So much so that I even secured an interview with the creators Dean Burke and Kevin Beimers that will go live in the coming weeks. And in anticipation of this I decided to write a complete walkthrough to help all of you out there still struggling to complete the obscure task the unknown terrorist posed before the “half-decent” detective.

Update: We’ve been contacted by Hector’s sharks lawyers and notified that a walkthrough (aka crawlthrough) has been created by the detective himself. We won’t go into the threats leveled against us should we decline to oblige (two words: police brutality), but we figured it’d be best for our health and safety that we show you where the official link is. That said, Hector’s crawlthrough can be found here, as well as on the credits page of the main menu in the iPhone game.

Joking aside (save for the beat down part), Hector’s official walkthrough is quite hilarious. Even if you’ve already finished the game, it’s still worth reading through  just for the laughs. Of course, you can still check out our version below… the choice is yours.

Bear in mind – this is a walkthrough, meaning it is a shortlist of all required actions to get to the end of the game. You will miss a lot of hilarious dialogues going through this way. But if you’re in a pinch it may nudge you in the right direction.


To wake up tap on any point on the screen. Double-tap on the poster on the right to open a hole. Double-tap on the hole to get a spoon. Use the spoon to open the grate in the middle of the screen (near the bed). Double-tap on the open grate to get a boot. Double-tap on the boot in the inventory to get a shoelace. Pick up an empty bottle near to the door on the left. Roll up the mattress to see a condom. Pick it up and use it with the shoelace in the inventory. Use the resulting fishing rod on the toilet to get a paper clip. Double-tap on it in the inventory to unbend it and use the resulting lockpick on the cell door. Now you can go out.

Police Station Lobby

Talk to the cuffed kid:

  1. “Hey runt! What are you doing here?”
  2. “No, I mean, what are you doing here when everyone else has pissed off?”
  3. “We give out Asbos like complimentary mints around here, mate. You want real respect?”
  4. “How about indecent exposure?”
  5. “Your trousers.”

You’ll get the pants. Use the empty bottle on the coffee pot near the door. Exit.

The Street

On exiting the police station go right. Give the drunk the bottle with the coffee. He leaves and you can pick up the mouth wash. Take the crowbar hanging on the ladder. Go back to the entrance to the station and give the mouth wash to Fatima – she leaves. Follow her to the right and pick up the red garter. Return to the lobby.

Police Station Lobby

Use the crowbar on the key box hanging on the wall behind the counter to the left, take the keys. Use the keys on the cuffed kid. Exit to the street.

The Street

Go to the left and use the kid from the inventory on the old lady to get him electrolyzed. Get back to the entrance to the police station and try to open the car. Use the keys on the car – it doesn’t start. Open the hood and use the garter on the it. Next -use the electrolyzed kid on the hood. Use the keys on the car again and leave.

The Hostage zone

Go to the left of the screen to enter the building where the terrorist has barricaded himself. Use the cultured opening (the first line) and then skim through all of the options to get to “Look here, pustule, you’ve got to talk to somebody.”, continued by “What do you want?” to get three tasks and a map of the city. Return to the cordon and talk to the bearded Miks: “Have we made any progress?” – “Can’t we just throw some money at this worm fart?” to get a jar of petty change. Now you’re able to move across the city using the map.


Enter Exotico. Take some lubricant form the can labeled FREE.

The Park

Give the change to the stand owner to get a badge. Repeat to get some mints. Enter the park. Give the mints to kids – they move to the side and start disco-dancing. Pick up the spray paint can. Use the lubricant on the statue’s staff. Pick it up. Walk to the screen on the right, enter the toilets and knock on the nearby cabin. Exit the toilets and see the fugitive, get back in. Inspect the now open cabin to find out how to get a LOT of money.


Take the syringe from the bench and use it on the door to the tower. Enter it and give the staff from the statue to the clock-maker. Go up and take the drill. Double-tap the broken window to look out and see the musician handle fake purses. Go down and exit the tower. Throw a coin to the musician and ask “Do you know Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag?” to get a purse. Go back in the tower and open the closet, pick up the bottle. Use the bottle on the still on the right. Double-tap on the VCR to get the tape.


Talk to the blind beggar:

  1. “You’ve been a regular at Exotico for some time now, haven’t you?”
  2. “You know how to get past the security door behind the counter?”
  3. “Sigh. I suppose you’ve got something in mind already.”

Now we know that Blind Ali needs the doll from the sex-shop.

The Park

Go to the far right screen and double-tap on the box with the drug addict to shove him inside and take with you.


Enter Exotico. Give the box with the addict to the shop manager and get the doll. Leave and give it to blind Ali to find out the code to back door. Enter the shop and insert the tape in the VCR. When the manager moves from behind the counter double-tap on the door in the back to go to it. Double-tap on the panel to open it – the way is clear. Go up the stairs. Double-tap on the green poster, pick up the wig. Use the drill on the X in the window – it falls. Leave the shop (to open the door to the shop double tap on the palm print scanner). Pick up the X and go down to the basement. Take the cord on the floor. Open the closest box to find vibrators. Use the bottle with the moonshine on  wood support column. Turn on the light to pop the lamp. Use the cord on the light fixture and connect it to the box with the vibrators. Pull the rope that turns on the light and the building collapses.


Enter the tower and go up the ladder. Give the X to the clock-maker.

The Park

Go to the screen on the far right . Use the spray paint can on the purse in the inventory, the use the resulting red purse on the wig. Double tap on the resulting disguise. In the conversation choose the following options:

  1. “Of course I brought the thing.”
  2. “Let me just grab the thing for you…”
  3. “Sure it’s in here. Look.”
  4. “Oh, it may LOOK like a packet of silica gel, but actually, it’s the thing.”
  5. “You tosspot. You don’t think I’m stupid enough to bring the thing with me, do you?”
  6. “Only an idiot would have actually brought the thing.”

Take the case with the cash and take it to the stand owner at the entrance to the park.

Watch the final cutscene.

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