Apple to hold Press Conference this Friday to address iPhone 4

Amid its worse PR disaster in recent memory, Apple will be holding a press conference tomorrow, July 16th, at 10AM Pacific Time to presumably address the reception issues of the iPhone 4. This comes several days after Consumer Report wouldn’t recommend the phone, despite ranking it as the best smartphone on the market. It’ll be certainly be interesting to see what course of action Apple has decided to take before things get even more out of hand. Some have even speculated that a full-blown recall is a possibility, though this may not be likely as ATD have reported that such a recall will cost Apple about $1.5 billion, which is 5 weeks worth of Apple’s free cash flow. Or perhaps they’ll simply offer free Bumper Cases to all iPhone 4 owners, which would be a much less drastic step to take (one can always hope).

We’ll soon find out won’t we, just how Apple plans to salvage this mess.

[via BGR]

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