Roundtable on iPhone 4 reception issues

iPhone 4 with Bumper case

Is it possible that the widely reported reception issues of the iPhone 4 have been completely overblown? Sure, but there’s no denying the fact that a problem does exist, whether it is in fact due to a software or hardware flaw. And with every major news outlet jumping on the story, potential buyers (like those in Canada are who are eagerly awaiting for its launch by the end of July) could have taken a “wait and see” approach before taking the plunge. So to take a better look at the real-world effects of using the phone, Engadget have reached out to some of the tech experts (as well their own stuff) and asked for their experiences while using the iPhone 4. Here’re what David Pogue and John Gruber have to say:

David PogueNew York Times (New York City): “I’ve held the phone in the forbidden position maybe 25 times, in different locations, and I’ve only ever seen the bars drop twice. I think it’s heavily dependent on where you are and how the signal strength is. (And once, I saw the bars go UP…) Overall, though, I agree with the consensus that reception is generally better than on the older iPhones — even with the Death Grip issue.”

John GruberDaring Fireball (Philadelphia): “At home in Philly, I’ve had nothing but good reception, no matter how I hold the phone. Data performance is better than on a 3GS right next to it, even while holding the 4 with my skin bridging the infamous gap.

Surprisingly, the majority haven’t had a single dropped call, and aside from the drop in signal bars while holding the iPhone 4 “the wrong way”, reception hasn’t been as big a deal as its been made out to be. Could it be then that Apple weren’t lying when they said the incorrect display of the signal bars is the sole reason behind all this hoopla?

[via Engadget]

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