Updated: Freebies Roundup – Chop Sushi!, Alien Escape and more Free for limited time

We’re back for another edition of our Freebies Roundup (aka paid–>free apps) and while it’s not filled with blockbuster titles, there are still lots of fun pick-up-and-play games to be had. Chop Sushi!, one of the more unique (and tasty) match 3 puzzlers on the App Store, is now a freebie thanks to Freeappaday. Alien Escape, a well liked and action packed survival game is also free for a limited time. And if you missed out on the deal earlier, the wicked hack & slash Samurai: Way of the Warrior (TMA Review) is still showing as a free download on iTunes. Lots of variety in this roundup, so be sure to hit them before the offers expire. Chop-chop!


iPhone Screenshot 1

Optia isn’t your typical lasers-and-mirrors puzzle game. You decide when, and how many times, to fire the laser – and you’re not stuck with the same old mirrors! Reflect a beam back through a one-way mirror, split it in two (or four, or eight!) – and if you have to, sacrifice a mirror to clear a path to that last target.

With an elegant interface, intuitive gameplay, and gorgeous graphics, Optia’s 100 levels will keep you thinking for a long time.

Optia Jesse Beder, Optia, 5.0 MB- Free

Invaders World Tour

iPhone Screenshot 1

This is a fast and furious retro arcade game played over 60 levels set across twelve countries (USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Italy, France, Spain, India, Japan, Singapore, China and Vietnam).

The objective is simple …

Destroy as many Swoopers, Saucers, Kamikazes, Crawlers and Packers whilst protecting your ship and shields as you strive to save country after country. Collect powerups to upgrade your ship, weapons and defence system – you’ll going to need them!

Invaders World Tour Xtremics Ltd , Invaders World Tour, 11.4 MB- Free


iPhone Screenshot 1

AS Mugat2, a new slave to the underworld, is trying desperately to escape the pocket of hell that the Devil has imprisoned him to. Play HotAir to help this slave break-free from the rapture of hell! Give him hope, and help him fly on with heaven in sight. The sky’s not falling, just objects out to get you, so beware!


BBQ Pro – iGrill

iPhone Screenshot 2

Time to fire up the grill as BBQ Pro brings the first photorealistic cooking simulation game to your iphone/ipod touch! If you like Cooking Mama, you will enjoy this game!

In this fast paced and addictive game, you are the grill master at a party full of hungry people, keep them happy by serving up perfectly grilled hot dogs and steaks, among many other food items available.

BBQ Pro - iGrill SiuYiu Limited , BBQ Pro – iGrill, 6.6 MB- Free


iPhone Screenshot 3

Let the invasion of the Earth.
You are the Mutant Alien!!

– Destroy9 Alien Version.
– 3D Side View, 3D Map Terrain, 3D Weather Change.
– College of Engineering Systems missile trajectory.
– High Dynamics System.

Destroy9 - Alien Seller: Jongha Back , Destroy9 – Alien – Free

Chop Sushi!

iPhone Screenshot 4

Sink your teeth into hours and hours of match-3 puzzle action as you conquer over 40 turn-based (non-timed) battles scattered to 15 unique and vibrant islands. Use the device’s touch screen to literally pick up your chopsticks and swap sushi pieces over the colorful game board. No need to be an expert – these utensils are easy to pick up and play as they are taught in the simple, playable in-game tutorials!

Chop Sushi! THQ, Inc. , Chop Sushi!, 11.1 MB- Free

Samurai: Way of the Warrior

iPhone Screenshot 2

Become a wandering samurai in the ancient Japan during chaotic times of war. As Daisuke Shimada you must defeat evil Daimyo Hattoro who spreads terror and fear around the country.

Will you dare to stop him? Will you follow the Way of the Warrior ?

Samurai: Way of the Warrior MADFINGER, Samurai: Way of the Warrior (TMA Review), 44.6 MB- Free

Alien Escape

iPhone Screenshot 1

An alien family’s craft crashed on the earth. Help our father alien protect his babies and fight a way home! See how many waves you can stand!
How to play – forces from the earth are trying to poach the alien kids. Tap screen to aim and shoot!

1. Use multiple featured weapons to repel intruders – Laser gun, Sonic Cannon, and Missiles, etc…
2. More than 15 kinds of enemies like Agents, Wacky Scientists, Spy Robots, Helicopters, etc…
3. Five environments including home planet of the alien family.

Alien Escape Nebula Soft Inc , Alien Escape, 5.5 MB- Free

The Stupid Test 5

iPhone Screenshot 2

The Stupid Test 5 is one of the most played brain teaser games on the Internet; by over 40 million people to date.

The game features over 200 questions in 3 different game category, each uniquely designed to measure your intelligence using it’s well known “Stupidity Meter”. In addition to that, the game features over dozens of beautiful artwork by designers all over the world.

The Stupid Test 5 Ken Neth Wong, The Stupid Test 5, 6.0 MB- Free

iKungFu Master

iPhone Screenshot 4

✓ a NEW BOSS at the end of EVERY LEVEL

iKungFu Master Triniti Interactive Limited , iKungFu Master, 6.9 MB- Free


iPhone Screenshot 4

SLIDE UNDER obstructions, JUMP OVER obstacles, and SPRINT toward FREEDOM before the COPS THROW you BACK IN THE SLAMMER!

✓ SUPER-SIMPLE controls
✓ THRILLING gameplay
✓ full OPENFEINT integration
✓ INTENSE classical soundtrack

Jailbreaker Triniti Interactive Limited , Jailbreaker, 7.4 MB- Free


iPhone Screenshot 3

The Shapes are invading!

Welcome to Poppi, a game of quick reflexes and joyous screen tapping. The aim is to stop the falling shapes from reaching the bottom of the screen. Tap the screen with your fingertip to deflect the shapes into each other to clear them. A unique blend of colour matching and finger juggling action, with a slice of billiards!

Poppi Pompom Software Ltd , Poppi, 8.3 MB- Free

Go! Go! Soccer

iPhone Screenshot 1

In Go! Go! Soccer, you guide a footballer, intent on finding the best path to the goal, whilst avoiding rivals coming from all sides, determined to stop you!

Tilt your device to dribble them. Use the sprint in hard situations, but watch your stamina or you´ll get caught! Pick-up and use items and Power Ups like a “Mario Star” and if you see a team mate pass the ball!

Go! Go! Soccer Poligono Son Oms , Go! Go! Soccer, 14.9 MB- Free


iPhone Screenshot 2

Dotopop is a visually pleasing and highly addictive casual game that will keep you entertained for hours.

The objective of Dotopop is to invoke a chain reaction for as long as possible. This is the key to winning! Tap the screen to fire a burst and start a chain reaction. Then, sit back and enjoy the show! Dots will activate by touching each other. (Every dot that is touched by a burst will create another burst). Try to predict where the cluster of dots will go.

Dotopop GhostBird Software , Dotopop, 2.9 MB- Free

Ludo Board Game (iPad only)

iPad Screenshot 1

Ludo board game is a result of evolution to the well known ancient game Ludo (latin: I play)! iPad is very impressive device and it took board game experience to the next level. We all played Ludo as kids. Ludo board game has very simple concept so it is suitable for kids from 4 to 99 years. You can play single against computer intelligence or mix computers vs humans to add extra fun that this game offer when played in 4 players.

LUDO board game SIS d.o.o. , LUDO board game, 4.7 MB- Free

Fingerzilla: MegaCity (iPad only)

iPad Screenshot 1

Fingerzilla is a fast-paced, explosive game of utter destruction. Using your own finger(zilla), rain fiery chaos down upon buildings, cars, and people. The interface is simple, but the joy of squashing your boss is priceless!

Fingerzilla includes:
* Dozens of destructive combos to unleash destruction on the masses.
* Named victims to making chomping all the more fun.
* Rampage through a suite of levels of varying difficulty and duration.

Fingerzilla: MegaCity Inert Soap, LLC, Fingerzilla: MegaCity, 8.8 MB- Free


iPhone Screenshot 1

Constella Major is a mindboggling game that will rattle your brain and will make your fingers nimble. Connect all randomly generated stars on the screen and build a constellation. Connect the stationary stars by dragging the Stellarsphere to generate straight or flexible lines. Connect the stars using these lines and build the constellation to proceed to the next level.

As you advance through the levels of Constella Major, you can use a single Stellarsphere with a combination of straight lines and flexible lines to connect the stars.

ConstillaMajor cascadia investments inc, ConstillaMajor, 2.6 MB- Free


iPhone Screenshot 1

Build an army and coordinate the defence of your Hive while at the same time attempting to capture the enemy Hives you discover as you complete a variety of unique missions. Fast paced, fun, action packed adventure.

Beezaster Joel Edwards , Beezaster, 3.7 MB- Free

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