Drop7 updated, now compatible with iOS 4.0

Drop7, one of the most unheralded and addictive Puzzle games on the App Store, is now compatible with iOS 4.0. Prior to the 1.4 update, the game would unfortunately crash on launch with the latest OS. Making matters worse was that it took Apple nearly 2 weeks to approve this version and as such, Drop7 addicts (like myself) were left without a proper nightly recap and fix. It even got to a point where I was tempted to downgrade back to OS 3.1.3 while waiting just so I could have my favorite iPhone game back.

For those not familiar with the game, it’s billed as a “Tetris meets Sudoku” puzzler and it is truly unique in every sense. While there isn’t a free lite version for you check out, it can be enjoyed as a flash game in the form of Chain Factor. Newcomers to Drop7 will probably want to take a look at my review where I’ve given some brief instructions on how to play, as the basic concept is not like anything you’ve experienced before. Puzzle fans will definitely want to check this awesome game out. Note: Unfortunately, the 1.4 update no longer works on the iPad. Area/Code are working on a fix and hopefully it’ll be out shortly.

Drop7 Area/Code Entertainment, Drop7 (TMA Review) – $2.99

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