ReaddleDocs For iPad In Review – Reading and Reviewing With Readdle Is Remarkable!

One of the first things I thought the iPad would be good for was reading my PDFs. Whether it’s work or personal, I have a lot of manuals, paperwork and magazines in PDF format and hate not being able to have them on me at all times. Readdle is no stranger to the App Store. Having already seen great success with their iPhone apps (including the very popular ReaddleDocs for the iPhone) I was extremely pleased to see that they were remaking their premier document reading app for the iPad .

If you know me, I’ve said time and time again that design plays a HUGE part in how I feel about an app. Thankfully, Readdle too sees the importance of a well designed app and puts that extra care into their interface.

ReaddleDocs’s layout is straightforward. Your options and menu hierarchy are on the left and your files and folders are displayed on the right panel. As you go through your options or folders, the view remains the same and only changes when you actually select an item to view. It’s great to see how clean and organized everything is.

When it comes to getting items into ReaddleDocs you have tons of options available to you. Everything from setting your iPad up as a shared network drive, accessing it from safari OR it’s own built in browser,  to connecting to a multitude of online storage services (including free storage offered to all Readdle customers), it’s all at your finger tips. You can even setup your email accounts and be able to save attachments directly from your mail server into Readdle. The fact that I can connect to and use just about every popular online storage means that ReaddleDocs is essentially ready to be used “out of the box” and no new account setups are necessary.

Aside from the PDF files which I heavily rely on, the app can handle just about any type of document you throw at it, even images and zipped files. Once a document is selected, the interface changes from the 2 panel view to a full screen mode, with various buttons at the top to control what you are viewing.

Whether you are portrait or landscape, ReaddleDocs looks great. Aside from the bar at the top with your function buttons, everything else is for viewing your images and documents. And if that bar is getting in your way, just tap the box with the triangles and you switch to complete full screen view. Other great options available include the ability to copy or even highlight text in PDFs, create bookmarks on the fly, text reflow as well as the ability to email out.

One other useful feature worth mentioning is the ability to launch items with the app. For example, lets say you have a text document sent to you in an email and you decide that you want to open/save the document in ReaddleDocs. Simply tap the “Open In…” icon in the top right corner and you’ll be presented with the available programs that you can launch that document with.

I have to say I was just floored with how useful ReaddleDocs has been since I started using it on my iPad. It’s even better (and more useful) than I had anticipated and the app has become one of the most used on my device. The interface is clean and user friendly, a good number of file types are accepted and its feature set is plentiful. I would definitely recommend ReaddleDocs for iPad to anyone who wants to better manage and view all their various documents in one neat and tidy package.

App Summary
Title: ReaddleDocs for iPad (PDF viewer/attachments saver/file manager) Developer:

Igor Zhadanov

Reviewed Ver: 1.1.0 Min OS Req: Compatible with iPad.
%br%Requires iOS 3.2
Price: $4.99 App Size: 6.2 MB
  • Clean & friendly UI
  • Can get items on/off device in almost every method imaginable
  • Can even load documents into app from outside (e.g. from within
  • None to mention


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