Rocket Boy 2D for iPhone – RPGish Action Sidescroller

Riviere-Du-Loup, Canada – Rocket Boy 2D, a game from PowPowGames, in development since mid 2009, has been submitted to Apple for approval in the App Store. The game consists of an action side scroller with a RPG way to calculate stats and damage. Players can unlock over 70 items to equip, including 35 powerful weapons. The hero is a young man equipped with a jetpack, a handful of guns, and a Pod that casts powers such as meteor or lightning. Right from the start, there are 3 different worlds to explore, with each many different maps that display 5 layer parallax scrolling.

The enemies vary from aliens to super human soldiers to brain eating zombies. Each race has its weaknesses and strengths. Players can advance and level up in the different worlds at your own rhythm. As the player advances, there are more enemies and they are much stronger and tougher than earlier levels. To keep up, you have to upgrade your stats every time you level up. The player chooses which parts he wants to evolve in, making the game unique for each.

Rocket Boy is not left fighting empty handed. With over 70 pieces of equipment, including 35 awesome guns, there are thousands of possibilities. Equipment ranges from footwear to helmets to armor and obviously weapons. Each piece of equipment affects the stats of Rocket Boy. Once equipped, Rocket Boy heads to battle, avoiding bullets with crisp controls that will surely give the player an adrenaline and god like sensation.

Along with regular equipment, there’s a special type of item called a Pod. Pods are bought with money from sold unused weapons and carry special powers that can be used by Rocket Boy when he accumulates enough mana. Those powers can be as simple as freezing the enemies to devastating meteors that destroy everything on their path. Pods can be bought and upgraded at the equipment screen.

Control wise, Rocket Boy 2D brings a new, never seen before control method. The player moves very fluently from left to right using the accelerometer, and shoots where she or he points his fingers. The powers are called from simple buttons and the jetpack is activated with the thumb. Overall, it controls very fluently and is very fun to play.

Rocket Boy 2D has been submitted to Apple on the 5th of July and should be in the App Store shortly. It will be available at $0.99 (USD) for a limited time. Be sure to check out the App Store for the most intense action side scroller, soon available on your iPhone or iPod touch, enjoyable by everyone, from newcomers to hardcore gamers.

Rocket Boy 2D
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PowPowGames is a two man team with a programmer and a designer, both from Quebec in Canada. Rocket Boy 2D is their first attempt on the iPhone as a joint team. Both have worked on different projects in other teams or alone. Copyright (C) 2010 PowPowGames. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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