Office² HD In Review – My 2nd portable office

Back in March I reviewed Office² for the iPhone. It was a great app that provided me with all the office tools that I used on a regular basis – word documents and spreadsheets. And recently I had the opportunity to review the latest creation from developers ByteSquared, Office² HD. As expected it’s a remake of their popular iPhone app, developed specifically for the iPad.

Office² HD’s layout is much different from the original app. In what is becoming a familiar iPad interface, landscape mode has a left column displaying all your files that can be separated into folders or just left as is. The right and main panel is the document viewing window. In portrait mode, the entire screen becomes the document window and the column that is viewable in landscape turns into a drop down menu available via the “open” button at the top.

A couple neat features that I really like are actually some of the smallest features within the app itself. The first one is the full screen button; when in landscape mode, you’ll notice a set of arrows at the top of the document editing area. Tapping this will hide the sidebar and extend your editing room the whole length of the screen. Great if you’re working on large spreadsheets, or just like having more room to write. The other is the help menu. In my iPhone review, I commented on how it can often be sluggish when browsing. Well thankfully that is not the case with the HD version. The help area loads super fast and really contains just about every bit of help and answer to questions that you might have or need. That said, it’d be nice if the help menu opened up on the main viewing panel, instead of from the left sidebar.

Using the HD app is just as easy as the iPhone/iPod Touch version. The benefit here of course being that with all this extra screen room, you have a lot more visible area to compose documents or work on your spreadsheets. Another great benefit of designing for the iPad is that unlike Office² for the iPhone that has to rely on popup menus to show all your editing functions, all functions in Office2 HD are displayed in a familiar toolbar format that you just slide across to access.

Office² HD also supports the ability to add documents via connection to your computer through a web browser, WebDAV, or a large variety of online storage solutions, including Dropbox, GoogleDocs and many more. Having all those options is great as it allows you to not only be productive using this app, but also be able to access files no matter where you are as long as you have them uploaded onto one of the cloud services.

Office² HD’s a perfect re-imagining of the iPhone version that takes full use of all the extra real estate thanks to the larger screen of the iPad. The app is a great choice to anyone who works mostly with documents or spreadsheets while they’re away from their main desktop or laptop. While it’s not the most complete office solution out there on the App Store, I feel that it covers the 2 most widely used office programs and does that extremely well.

App Summary
Title: Office² HD Developer: Byte Squared
Reviewed Ver: 3.3.1 Min OS Req:
Price: $7.99 App Size: 3.1 MB
  • Makes great use of iPad screen size
  • Many options available for movings files to device
  • All the great features are back from original Office²
  • Design is still bland, was hoping for some more styling
  • Help menu only opens in sidebar, not main screen area


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