Updated: Freebies Roundup: 4th of July Weekend Edition

The 4th of July weekend is just around the corner and the App Store has plenty of freebies for you to enjoy. We’ve gone through the pile and hand picked some of the more notable games and those we feel are worth your while. Included in the roundup thus far are: Doodle BombMonsterKillSpinzizzle and Big Buck Hunter Pro. As more freebies are unearthed, we’ll update the list within. So don’t delay, grab some apps while they’re still free! Complete roundup after break.


Chop Chop Ninja

iPhone Screenshot 3

The world needs a hero!
The Emperor’s daughter is in danger and needs your help! Face your enemies and explore the world to save your princess from a terrible curse! Use the ancestral ninja arts to fight hordes of enemies, destroy objects, avoid traps and many other dangers. Chop Chop Ninja is a fun and intuitive platformer specifically designed for the iPhone & iPod Touch!

Chop Chop Ninja Gamerizon , Chop Chop Ninja, 41.0 MB- Free

Roswell Fighter

iPhone Screenshot 1

Roswell Fighter is the ultimate classic arcade style shooter with improved and fresh game-play.

Tons of aliens wait for you! And don’t forget Mother Earth is in danger – so be fast and blow up everything in this beautiful mixed 2D/3D environment. Roswell Fighter will charm you with its great 50’s style art and music!

Roswell Fighter GameLab Centrum, Roswell Fighter (TMA Review), 63.5 MB- Free


iPhone Screenshot 4

From the team that brought you Railroad Madness, F84 Games is back with a new highly addictive and easy to play game, Bushwacker.

Civilians are on a jungle mission in search of lost treasure. Little do they know that savages are lurking in the bush waiting for them. The civilians need your help to navigate the jungle, to get gold and escape safely.

Bushwacker Floor 84 Studio, LC , Bushwacker, 6.3 MB- Free


iPhone Screenshot 1

You need only one finger to drive the car. But there’s a lot of traffic on the road, your brakes don’t work and the accelerator is jammed… How far can you survive the Kamikaze Race?

With brand-new supercharged graphics, three unique cars to unlock and fully featured OpenFeint support, Kamikaze Race for iPhone/iPod touch offers even more adrenaline-pumping action and dozens of hours of replay value.

Kamikaze Race Orb Games Limited, Kamikaze Race, 12.5 MB- Free

Doodle Bomb – Physics Puzzle with a Bang

iPhone Screenshot 2

Blast your way through 65 mind-bending physics puzzles as you guide your hero to the ultimate goal of “Bomb Master”. Interact with unique physics driven machines and characters who will help (or hurt) your attempt to infiltrate the enemy base using as few bombs as possible.

Doodle Bomb: Physics Puzzle with a Bang Bottle Rocket , Doodle Bomb: Physics Puzzle with a Bang, 11.3 MB- Free

Monster Kill

iPhone Screenshot 2

Summon a variety of spells as you battle against these classic mini-monsters.

• Slice and dice them – cut them in two with the cut spell!
• Summon lightning – give them a shocking experience!
• Turn up the heat by casting fireballs – watch ’em burn!
• Need to slow them? Sculpt an ice block to stun them!

MonsterKill Origin8 Technologies Limited, MonsterKill, 8.2 MB- Free


iPhone Screenshot 1

Do you have what it takes to become a Spinzizzle Mastizzle, er…Master?!?

Spinzizzle is the non-stop ball-spinning puzzle-thriller of a game you’ve been waiting for! Spin, drop, and collect colored balls in the right sequence to maximize the explosion (and your score)!

Spinzizzle Mobliss Inc., Spinzizzle, 19.0 MB- Free

Army Wars Defense

iPhone Screenshot 1

Army wars is a war game that combined “Defense Genre” and “RTS”.

Protect your bunker from enemies and conquer theirs.

Army Wars Defense AFEEL, Inc. , Army Wars Defense, 8.3 MB- Free

Big Buck Hunter Pro

iPhone Screenshot 2

Big Buck Hunter Pro is the 3D arcade-style iPhone shooter you have been waiting for. No confusing navigation controls or disorienting scope work. Just intuitive arcade fun with the replayability you have come to expect from Big Buck Hunter Pro.

The 3 quick play bonus levels are a great value by themselves!

Big Buck Hunter Pro Super Happy Fun Fun, Big Buck Hunter Pro (TMA Review), 42.7 MB- Free

Draw Slasher: Dark Ninja vs Pirate Monkey Zombies

iPhone Screenshot 2

“Draw Slasher” is an survival action game in which you take control of a cute ninja fighting against Pirate Monkey Zombies. These monsters invade your peaceful island, and you are the only one, who can stop them!

Slash through your enemies in style known from countless Japanese anime, and movies!

Cut off your opponents heads, hands, legs – whatever you want! Slash them to pieces and never stop the mayhem!

Draw Slasher: Dark Ninja vs Pirate Monkey Zombies Mass Creation, Draw Slasher: Dark Ninja vs Pirate Monkey Zombies – Free

Retro Fighter

iPhone Screenshot 1

Retro Fighter is a classic arcade style shooter, Cool particle effect, more than twenty
different invaders, machine snake boss, and this invaders have more than twenty move modes-That is all of the game! Can you survival to the last wave?

If you like “Geometry War”, you’re sure like Retro Fighter.

Retro Fighter zhe yu , Retro Fighter, 9.5 MB- Free

Danger! Dodgeball

iPhone Screenshot 2

Danger! Dodgeball is easy to learn and fun to master. You control a daring hero braving the treacherous court of no-rules dodgeball. Take on the ultimate dodgeball villain and test your survival skills with fast paced, non-stop action.

Dive to the left with a flick of your wrist. Accelerometer to the right and dodge curveballs. Scoop up a downed ball and with a skillful flick and true aim, you can smash your opponent.

Danger! Dodgeball Robot Stampede, Danger! Dodgeball, 4.3 MB- Free

Rocket Downhill Penguin

iPhone Screenshot 1

Rocket loves fresh powder and can’t wait to hit the slopes. Keep Rocket from freezing over by collecting hot cocoa as he bombs down the hill. Avoid or smash into the occasional snowman to watch their hats fly off, but too much mischievous fun can be bad for your health. Trees are the real enemy so dodge and weave with your downhill skills or they could freeze you in your tracks. Help Rocket conquer the hill by getting the highest score!

Rocket Downhill Penguin Tuan Huynh, Rocket Downhill Penguin, 5.7 MB- Free

All in One Game Gear

iPhone Screenshot 3

All in One Game Gear is gathered with some highly rated games that will bring you hours of fun.

1,Snapshot Reporter(Full)- Try to get the snapshot and land your picture on the frontpage of daily news!
2,Color Recognise – Mental puzzle quiz with a twist
3,Parachicken – Parachute down as long as you can.
4,Jumper – Timing jump, 10 lives but use them carefully.
5,Memory Test – Test out your memory skills
6,Jelly Miner – A new take on the most popular game.
7,Physic Impossible – One of the most popular and hardest game around.
8,Cubeliner – Line up and form the shape as requested.
9,Submarine – Sideway flying doodle styled game.
10,Sheep Catcher – See who has the fastest reaction time around the world.
11,Snake – The classic never looks so nice.

All In One Game Gear Dalian Bale Trade Co., All In One Game Gear, 14.9 MB- Free


iPhone Screenshot 1

Glory of the pure mind…
Zarik is simple logical game, which consist of 60 levels (from very easy to near-impossible). Its main advantages are clear uncluttered interface and amusing strategic gameplay. You have a wooden board and several dice you have to move to outlined zones.

Zarik Avallon Alliance Ltd., Zarik, 3.7 MB- Free

Car Troller

iPhone Screenshot 1

Wroom, wroom…. Beep! Beep!
Car Troller is a superb traffic control game for iPhone and iPod Touch that every gamer would want. How many times did you curse traffic jams or broken traffic lights? Take the power in your hands!

Car Troller Avallon Alliance Ltd., Car Troller, 4.8 MB- Free

Crazy Parachute

iPhone Screenshot 1


Crazy parachute is so simple and funny that gives you ease and breeze as you race down from the sky. All you must do is jump out of the airplane and reach the ground safely before anyone else makes it.

Crazy Parachute Color Box Software, Crazy Parachute,17.9 MB- Free

FintIT 2

iPhone Screenshot 1

It’s true! FindIT 2 not only contains 100 exclusive new levels PLUS 150 levels specially selected from existing FindIT Editions, but it now allows you to play levels CREATED BY THE ENTIRE FindIT COMMUNITY, which means you’ll have AN ALMOST INFINITE CHOICE OF IMAGES TO PLAY !!!

FindIT 2 Granet SC, FindIT 2, 79.3 MB- Free


iPhone Screenshot 1

Welcome to Kraut Puzzles, a beautiful puzzle game for the iPhone and iPod touch. Animations, music, and intelligent game play will delight gamers that love match-three style gameplay.

Kraut Puzzles Douglas Dyer , Kraut Puzzles – Free

Cell Splat

iPhone Screenshot 3

An explosion in the Photon Labs has let loose all the dangerous experimental cells. As a lab assistant, it’s your job now to clean up the mess by getting rid of the cells.

Cell Splat is an arcade game where you must tap the cells that match the target cell on the top of the screen. Each level will require more cells to be hit and at a faster pace.

Cell Splat Jason Boettcher , Cell Splat, 1.7 MB- Free

RSS Flash g

iPhone Screenshot 4

Google Reader meets Twitter, Delicious, Instapaper, Read It Later and Facebook!
Smart integration to these service.”RSS Flash g” is a RSS reader for the iPhone and iPod touch that synchronizes with your Google Reader account.

RSS Flash g Naoto Koide, RSS Flash g – Free

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