iPhone 4 Parts costs $188

According to Businessweek, market research firm iSuppli estimates that the 16GB iPhone 4 components costs approximately $187.51. The latest iteration of the iPhone retails for $199 on a 2 year term and is rumored to go for $599 without a contract. Not surprisingly, the most expensive part is the highly touted retina display, which comes in at about $28.50. The snappy A4 processor (manufactured by Samsung and also found in the iPad) adds $10.75 to the total. As well, the gyroscope chip costs $2.60 per unit, compared to the $0.65 price tag of the accelerometer found in all iPhones.

Of course, this estimated figure doesn’t factor in all the costs associated with manufacturing the phone (labor, R&R, packaging to only name a few), but it’s interesting nonetheless to see just how much it cost Apple for some of the iPhone 4 components. And in case you’re wondering, the $188 is essentially in line with the cost in parts for previous iPhones.

[via MobileCrunch]

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