• Thank you very much for posting this! I’m not a talker… but just something I came up with. We’re shooting a music video with it tonight. Stay Tuned!

  • Per chance, did you make the Dr. Pants video shot at Pops?
    I’m going to try this at home since there was no disclaimer saying not to…also, I’d love to know more about that ‘transformer’ type tripod/steadying device. Thanks!

  • Jason

    The video shows a good DIY, but I found this one on eBay for $7 shipped … and no DIY required:

    http://bit.ly/dpOzv3 (eBay Auction)

    So far that’s the best Tripod Mount that I’ve found for the iPhone 4. Here is a photo of my iPhone 4 mounted in this particular mount:


  • Jason

    Oops, the link I posted above expired … here is a more accurate link to the $7 iPhone 4 Tripod:


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