Chocolate Shop Frenzy in Review – A Tasty Time Management Game

In Chocolate Shop Frenzy you must help Emma achieve her dream of becoming a chocolate shop owner. Emma’s just quit her marketing job and taken out a loan for the store. You’ve got to successfully run the shop for a year and make a profit in order to pay back the money. You’ll mainly be tapping away at the screen in order to give your customers a menu, make their chocolate, deliver it and then pick up your earnings. However, as well as this time management element there are also some match three stages within the game to break up the action a little.

You must serve eight different types of customers, from grannies to brides to hippies. They’ll all have different requirements, different levels of patience and varying budgets. It’s a juggling act to keep everyone happy. This may include serving impatient customers first, even if they arrived after a more patient customer. Usually, the impatient people tip higher so it’s definitely benefits you to look after them. You’ll soon get the hang of it once you get used to each customer and their ways. Also, keep an eye out for thieves – leave your cash on the counter for too long and it might get stolen!

You also must earn a certain amount of money in each level to progress, so it’s important to scrape every last penny you can from your customers. Earlier in the game it is, of course, much easier to achieve your goals, but later on you’ll be relying on power ups and giving your punters sweeteners to keep them happy. Hitting each target will also ensure you have enough cash handy to buy upgrades for your shop. Unlike some time management games, you don’t get to choose which upgrades you have, they just appear between certain levels. Some will make your life easier, others will just give you another job to do on top of everything else and others will help speed you up and keep your customers happy. Hit Expert on every level if you can, but it’s not essential – you can always go back and re-do levels later to get the Expert score.

The graphics are simple but cute, and the game is very well put together. The music and sound effects are fun too. Another nice addition to the game is the Trophy Room. Although it’s not essential to earn any trophies to progress, they’ll automatically be rewarded when you hit certain thresholds: for example serving a certain number of businessmen, and so on. Some of the ‘achievements’ are quite surprising, because they’re not all awarded for when you do things well. That’s all I’m saying… you’ll have to check out the game to find out

Overall, a fab little time management game. There’s plenty to keep you busy even in the standard mode, but with additional modes thrown in too – you’ll be playing for a while to come. Chocolate Shop Frenzy is definitely worth the small fee they’re asking in the App Store. The only downside is there’s no connectivity to any high score boards, but then I’m not sure how many people would want to compare scores on a time management game anyway.


App Summary
Title: Chocolate Shop Frenzy Developer: Digital Chocolate, Inc.
Reviewed Ver: 1.0.0 Min OS Req:
Price: $0.99 App Size: 25.6 MB
  • Great value for money
  • Easy to pick up and play
  • Nice graphics and sound
  • Fun gameplay
  • Decent replay value
  • No social connectivity to compare scores


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