TMA’s “SteveNaka’s” 100th Review Contest! (Win 1 of 3 $10 iTunes Gift Cards + Promo Codes) – Closed

To state the obvious, my latest post (for the app-development tool DAPP) was officially my 100th review here for TouchMyApps.  As such, I decided that I’m gonna have a damn party. Now I know that I’m not the first to hit that milestone and of course I won’t be the last but that isn’t gonna stop me from having a little fun.

So to start things off, I thought I would answer a question. As I’ve been pushing out reviews, one of the questions that I get asked most was “what are your favorites?”. Well I decided to finally answer that. Having said that, here are my 10 current favorite apps/games out of the last 100 I’ve reviewed.

Update: Winners!

The “SteveNaka’s 100th Review” contest is now over and we’d like to thank all our readers who entered this giveaway. We received a good number of participants who took the time to verify how many kisses were handed out (as well as some who submitted incorrect responses).

The final answer is in fact 16 kisses. Here the reviews that received the rating:

And without further ado, here are the 3 randomly picked winners who submitted the correct answer: jamie, Erich D. and Marco C.

Congrats to our lucky winners and a big thanks once again to all who took the time to take part in our contest!

10. Jet Ball – A classic Arkanoid style game where the objective is to clear all the various bricks in each level by bouncing a ball off a paddle. A very straightforward game as far as gameplay goes but definitely a difficult one to master. With all the bonuses and special power ups (or power downs) that add to the challenge, you’ll find yourself getting addicted quite easily. Fans of Breakout and Arkanoid should have a blast with it’s fun factor and hectic pace. The popular OpenFeint network is also included, bringing with it social connections and achievements.

Jet Ball Alexander Oreshko , Jet Ball (TMA Review) – $1.99

9. Scanner Pro - Although it’s not something that happens to me on a daily basis, the need to digitize occasional paper documents does exist. I haven’t owned a traditional scanner in years, so the ability to “scan” docs with the iPhone can be extremely useful. Out of the many scanner apps I’ve tried, ScannerPro comes out on top. With options to save, share or even print out your scans, it’s easily one of the most robust and feature packed of the lot on the App Store.  It even has tools to edit or enhance the images to get the best results. Aside from the user-friendly interface, the app also comes with plenty of documentation to help all levels of users.

Scanner Pro (scan multipage documents, upload to dropbox and Evernote) Igor Zhadanov, Scanner Pro (TMA Review)- $6.99

8. Osfoora for Twitter - This little bird seemed to have come out of nowhere. There definitely isn’t a shortage of Twitter apps available on the App Store but in my opinion, there IS a shortage of GOOD ones. Osfoora is an absolutely stunning and fully featured Twitter client, with everything from multiple accounts to integrated picture and video hosting, geotagging and list management. The list could go on and on but in summary, it does everything you would want a Twitter app to do… and looks damn sexy doing it.

Osfoora for Twitter Said Marouf, Osfoora for Twitter (TMA Review)- $2.99

7. Bento for iPhone - Databases are one of those things that literally everyone could use, even if they don’t know it yet. Bento is THE premier database management app available for your iPhone.  With a multitude of predesigned templates, you’ll be able to wrangle in everything from Christmas lists to shop inventory. If you don’t see a template that suits your exact needs, simply build your own.  Once you are back on your Mac, you can sync your databases with the desktop version of Bento and continue working from there. Genius.

Bento FileMaker, Inc. , Bento (TMA Review) – $4.99

6. 2Do: A Stunning To Do List with Push and Sync - There are To Do apps, and then there are 2Do apps. Guided Technologies’ 2Do stands shoulder to shoulder with some of the best todo apps for the iDevice. It has just about all the features one would want (and need), with the ability to make almost any style of to do list in just about any format, full support for push and email notifications, backup your list to a desktop/laptop AND integrate birthday reminders from your contacts. After having used it extensively prior to writing my review, the app just blew me away in the end. Although it may be intimidating to some due to its many features, I encourage anyone looking for a todo app to just go for it. It is without a doubt the best (and quite possibly the last) to do list I’ve used on my iPhone.

2Do: A Stunning To Do List with Push and Sync Guided Ways Technologies, 2Do: A Stunning To Do List (TMA Review) – $6.99

5. Stinger Table Hockey - Being Canadian, love for hockey is just a part of my DNA. And being 30, love for table hockey is just something that aids in showing my age. As a child I remember battling my friends in weekend long tournaments. This game is a perfect recreation of that for me. With controls as close to the real thing, there is no shortage of nostalgic fun here. You can play as your favorite country or create your own team, including picking colours and logo.  Take part in skills competitions or play full games versus either an AI opponent or a friend via wifi/Bluetooth. Add in OpenFeint and you have a completely well rounded package of social gaming.

Stinger Table Hockey Blaine Hodge, Stinger Table Hockey (TMA Review) – $1.99

4. Press Your Luckâ„¢ – This app was one of the few that I actually hunted and tracked down (and begged) to review. Although the show is just a little beyond my age, I do remember watching it as a child. Ludia’s Press You Luck is a perfect recreation of the show. Everything from the trivia rounds, the Big Board and everyones’ favorite enemy, the Whammie. This is Ludia’s best on the App Store in my opinion and aside from the need for more trivia questions (which can be easily remedied through an update) I think all you game show fans out there will love this one as much as I do.

Press Your Luckâ„¢ Ludia, Press Your Luckâ„¢ (TMA Review) – $4.99

3. Cornhole All-Stars – When I first downloaded Cornhole All Stars, I had my doubts on how entertaining a bag tossin’ game can be. Having then spent some time with it, my immediate answer was EXTREMELY. The graphics are simply amusing, the physics involved are amazing and the gameplay makes for a whole lot o’ fun. It really is one of the best examples of a true pick-up-and-play title on the iDevice. Then factor in the drama involved with it’s initial release over at the Canadian App Store and it’s censoring due to the word “cornhole”. As the saying goes “You can’t keep a good man down” and in this case the fine folks at Jufti proved just that.

Cornhole All-Stars JUFTi, Cornhole All-Stars (TMA Review) – $0.99

2. Nintaii 2 – This is the only sequel in my list of favorites and it actually IS Better than the first (which on its own is still awesome). I originally found Nintaii a long time ago online in the form of a flash game and wasted countless hours at work playing it on my PC. Needless to say, when it arrived at the App Store I grabbed it up without delay. For those new to the game, the main objective is to move a block around the board via tilt controls and place it into a hole found in each level (much easier said than done). Another simple concept that may take just minutes to pick up, but ages to perfect.

Nintaii 2 Concrete Software, Inc., Nintaii 2 (TMA Review) – $0.99

1. Office² – When I started writing my TMA reviews, I would usually first jot notes down in the notepad app and then expand on them on my laptop when i got home. That eventually became troublesome as I would sometimes lose part of a thought in-between my note typing and actual review.  Office² was the perfect solution – A simple yet versatile document and spreadsheet app. It has all the controls and functions you would need in order to put together a document (including ability to write/execute formulas).  The layout and interface works very well and allows for as much writing/viewing room on screen as possible.  And integration with Google Docs, MobileMe and DropBox ensures that all your documents can be accessed just about anywhere. There are probably more in-depth and robust “Office” apps out there , but for me, this is the perfect app for working on simple documents. I use Office² just about everyday and don’t see that stopping anytime soon.

Office² Byte Squared, Office² (TMA Review)- $5.99

Now some of you may be surprised to see that not all of the apps on my list were “kiss” rated apps. Well the answer to that is simple. This isn’t a list of the best of the best.  This is a list of what I consider to be my favorites. These are apps that regardless of how I or the rest of the world rate them, continue to hold their spot on my phone after all this time.


Now keeping in the theme of those “Kiss” rated apps, I have a little contest for you all. As I mentioned before, I’ve now reviewed 100 different apps/games at TMA and I’ve given various ratings to all of them. To enter for your chance at 1 of 3 $10 iTunes Gift Cards, simply tell us out of the 100 I’ve reviewed, how many of them received a “Kiss It” rating. Here are the full details.

Contest Details:

  • The SteveNaka’ 100th Review Contest is open to all, though you must have a valid US App Store account in order to redeem the iTunes gift card code.
  • Subscribe to our feed either via email or your choice of a feed reader.
  • Send an email to and tell us how many of SteveNaka’s reviews (out of the 100) received a “Kiss It” rating.
  • Only correct answers will be counted as a valid ballot.
  • Winners (those with the correct answer) will be selected randomly.
  • Only 1 submission per person is allowed.
  • Contest will close July 4th @ 11:59PM EST
  • Winners will be announced on July 5th and iTunes Gift Cards will be sent out shortly after.

So get to it people! Also, we’ll be dropping off promo codes to some of the apps/games found here in this post via Twitter. Be sure to follow @TouchMyApps and @SteveNaka for the drop-offs through out the week!

Thanks to all of you who have read and will continue to read our reviews/content right here at TMA. We do try our best to cover as much of the iDevice world as we can and it’s with your support that we are able to have contests and giveaways like this one.  We promise to keep posting as long as you keep reading :)

Thanks again and good luck to all of you!

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