Updated: Dollar Bin Round Up: iDevice games and apps currently on sale for $1

Update: Gameloft has just announced that several of their best selling titles (Driver, Settlers, Rayman 2 and more) are now on sale for $1! Links have been updated in the roundup.

When it comes to App Store price drops, nothing beats quality games and apps that have gone from paid–>free. Of course, the next best thing is often the $1 deals, a price point that has long become a sweet spot for app shoppers. Ranging from the indie dev to the powerhouse publishers like EA and Gameloft, plenty of great games have recently dropped in price to a buck. SEGA has even launched their own sale (thanks to Sonic’s B-day), with both their classics Streets of Rage and Golden Axe ringing in at only $0.99.

As you already know, App Store sales come and go. So be sure to grab whichever tickles your fancy ASAP before prices go back to normal. Enjoy!

The Settlers

Welcome to the world of The Settlers! You’ve arrived in a wondrous place populated by Romans, Vikings and Mayans competing or cooperating to reach a variety of goals. These goals include occupying land, ensuring the supply of raw materials, or simply trying to create the most beautiful settlement. There is more than one path which leads to success – you can engage in trade, forge alliances, or lead your army into battle.

The Settlers Gameloft S.A., The Settlers (TMA Review) – $0.99


Discover the most stunning racing game ever created for the iPhone. Driver, the game that introduced a new genre of driving games, is back with its amazing physics and fully revamped graphics. You are Tanner, an undercover cop posing as a getaway driver with the goal of exposing a national crime ring. The investigation will take you to Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York.

Driverâ„¢ Gameloft S.A. , Driverâ„¢ – $0.99

Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X.

Elevate your experience of war with the soaring air combat game Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X, finally coming on your iPhone and iPod touch!

Destroy enemy jets, choppers, tanks, destroyers and more 40,000 feet above the earth. Enjoy the iTunes library access if you want to listen to your own music while saving the country! Hold your breath, throttle up, push your aircraft to its limits and have your adrenaline rush!

Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X Gameloft S.A. , Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X – $0.99

Rayman 2: The Great Escape

Rayman, the world-famous video game icon, is back and ready for action! Relive all the enjoyment of Rayman 2: The Great Escape, the game that brought the armless hero into 3D environments for the first time!

Rayman 2: The Great Escape Gameloft S.A., Rayman 2: The Great Escape – $0.99

The Oregon Trail

– All of the decision-making and problem-solving fun of the original game.
– Prepare for your departure: Select the members of your party, choose your departure date and purchase supplies.
– Fun and educational! Historical references through real locations and famous characters from the past, plus historic facts perfectly explain the perilous journey of pioneers.

The Oregon Trail Gameloft S.A. , The Oregon Trail (TMA Review) – $0.99

Streets of Rage

The city was once a happy, peaceful place…until one day, a powerful secret criminal organization took over. This vicious syndicate soon had control of the government and even the police force. The city has become a center of violence and crime where no one is safe. Amid this turmoil, a group of determined young police officers has sworn to clean up the city. Among them are Adam Hunter, Axel Stone and Blaze Fielding. They’ve decided to put their lives on the line and take back their city through their special hand-to-hand combat abilities. They are willing to risk anything, even their lives, on the Streets of Rage.

Streets of Rage Sega America, Streets of Rage, 2.8 MB- $0.99

Golden Axe

Three mighty heroes, a powerful Fighter, a female Amazon, and a mighty Dwarf have a score to settle with the evil Death Adder who has captured the King and his daughter, and holds them captive in their castle. Choose your hero in this classic action game, as you fight through Adder’s henchman as you battle through dark castles, on the back of a giant turtle, and even on the wings of an enchanted eagle with weapon & magic; and even ride the fearsome, fire-breathing beasts.

Golden Axe Sega America, Golden Axe, 2.1 MB- $0.99

Infection: Zombies

Infection zombies is a game that can make zombie world by infecting and eating people.
You can enjoy this game with easy and simple controls.
You are gonna fascinated by the combination of dynamic actions factors and simulation factors which make more and more zombies

Infection:Zombies Magic Cube , Infection:Zombies, 11.3 MB- $0.99

Dragon’s Lair

Immerse yourself in the visually stunning world of hand-drawn animation adapted from the original game. Prepare yourself for an authentic arcade experience and an unforgettable adventure!

As valiant knight Dirk the Daring, your noble but precarious quest is to rescue the beautiful Princess Daphne from the lair of Singe, a fire-breathing dragon who lurks in the foreboding castle of an evil wizard!

Dragon's Lair Electronic Arts , Dragon’s Lair (TMA Review), 207 MB- $0.99

Palm Heroes

Palm Heroes plunges you into the world full of exciting fantasy adventures and epic battles. Lead your own armies as a barbarian orc chief, a noble knight, a mighty wizard, a fast beautiful sorceress, a warlock, or a creepy undead necromancer! It’s you who decide how to rule towns and manage resources, how to train and improve your warriors.

Palm Heroes Kevin Brock , Palm Heroes (TMA Review), 33.2 MB- $0.99

Castle Of Magic

Be prepared for anything as you try to save your friend from the clutches of the horrifying magician Nefastax!
Master numerous magical powers, discover beautiful enchanted worlds, stand up to the wildest monsters, transform yourself into powerful creatures, and even walk on the ceiling when gravity disappears! Isn’t it time to believe in magic again?

Castle Of Magic Gameloft S.A. , Castle Of Magic (TMA Review), 76.9 MB- $0.99


A classic Amiga platform game, highly prized for it’s fast-paced, addictive game-play. Now re-envisioned for your iPhone or iPod touch, by the games’ original author. Are you ready for insanely addictive game-play, that will push your NINJA SKILLS to the limit?…

Qwak Jamie Woodhouse , Qwak, 9.2 MB- $0.99


Easy to Play, Hard to Master.

Harness the power of multi-touch to independently spin two columns of blocks. Tap to shoot blocks from side to side creating matches then quickly tag on additional blocks before the match detonates.

Sigma BigStack Studios Inc., Sigma, 19.8 MB- $0.99

Pocket Chefâ„¢

Follow up to 25 yummy recipes step by step and put your precision & speed to the test in 19 fun mini-games! Bake, boil and blend your way to become a Culinary Master!

Pocket Chef™ Gameloft S.A. , Pocket Chef™ (TMA Review), 112 MB- $0.99


A PUZZLING QUEST INTO THE LAND OF ANCIENT INTRIGUE! Join intrepid explorers Rupert and Emma on a suspenseful adventure through the ruins of ancient Egypt. Discover hidden objects and secret gems in classic Jewel Quest Match-3 puzzles.



DESIGN, BUILD, & MANAGE A CITY OF YOUR DREAMS! Named one of the “Sixteen Games That Make iPhone Gaming Worthwhile” by Brian Crecente of Kotaku.com, prepare yourself for one of the most engaging, addictive games ever.

SimCity™ Electronic Arts , SimCity™ (TMA Review), 30.4 MB- $0.99


The classic board game you know & love is back with a stunning new look and feel!

CLUE Electronic Arts , CLUE (TMA Review),7.2 MB- $0.99

Parachute Ninja

Fling, hurl, glide and drop into action with Parachute Ninja!

Parachute Ninja is a unique high-flying platformer with rubber-band style slinging, tap-activated parachutes and satisfying physics. Defeat hovering enemies, avoid danger and collect fireflies to get the highest score as you embark on your flinging, flying adventure.

Parachute Ninja Freeverse, Inc. , Parachute Ninja, 8.4 MB- $0.99

Ferrari GT: Evolution

Join the elite circle of Ferrari car owners and take part in exclusive races around the globe in the truest and most immersive racing game on iPhone.
• 33 authentic Ferrari car models: the new Ferrari California, F430, Enzo Ferrari, F40, Testarossa, 250 GTO, and more.
• A multiplayer mode to challenge your friends in heated car races.

Ferrari GT: Evolution Gameloft S.A., Ferrari GT: Evolution, 89.9 MB- $0.99


Build, buy, and sell houses and send the real estate market through the roof! Flip houses for quick cash or sit back and watch the rental income pile up. Master the housing market and work your way into commercial properties like cinemas, ice rinks, and fire stations. Build up towns and become a real estate mogul!

Build-a-lot Glu Games Inc , Build-a-lot (TMA Review), 15.5 MB- $0.99

iBlast Moki HD

Blast Moki has been completely redesigned for the iPad with high-definition graphics

Do you love bombs, creating contraptions and solving physics puzzles?
iBlast Moki is an original physics puzzle game where you blast cute little Mokis with the help of bombs and other crazy items.

iBlast Moki HD Godzilab, iBlast Moki HD, 17.4 MB- $0.99

Geared for iPad

Geared is a radically new and innovative puzzle game; a unique addition to its genre.

The first and only Gear-based game with absolutely no snap-grid. Geared delivers complete and total freedom to the player, bestowing every puzzle with a near infinite array of choices.

Geared for iPad Bryan Mitchell , Geared for iPad – $0.99

Battery Doctor Pro

Are you looking for the full featured battery management app? Do you need the app that can help you maintain the battery and max your battery life?

Battery Doctor Pro is just the product that you are looking for. It provides full featured battery maintenance and routine management, and it is the only app on App Store that supports Full Cycle Charge. And it is very easy to complete Full Cycle Charge with this app.

Battery Doctor Pro - Max Your Battery Life Martin Smith , Battery Doctor Pro, 2.5 MB- $0.99

JotNot Scanner Pro

JotNot converts your iPhone into a portable multipage scanner. You can use JotNot to scan multipage documents, receipts, whiteboards, business cards and notes into PDF files; email scans directly; or upload them to iDisk/WebDAV, Evernote, Box.net, or Google Docs where they can be shared with others.

JotNot Scanner Pro MobiTech 3000 LLC, JotNot Scanner Pro, 4.0 MB- $0.99

Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior IGFUN LLC , Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior (TMA Review), 84.7 MB- $1.99

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