Hitler has issues with iPhone 4 reception

The iPhone 4’s antenna issue has been well documented online over the past 48 hours. Users are losing signal strength if the phones are held in a certain way, namely if the bottom-left corner (or quite simply, the antenna) is covered by the naked flesh. Interestingly enough, Steve Jobs responded to a user’s email regarding this troubling matter with a simple “Just avoid holding it that way“.

Well it appears that even Hitler is having iPhone 4 reception issues. Michael Ingram, Jr. has created a hilarious video of Hitler going bonkers over dropped calls. This “Downfall” parody is probably the best of the bunch and certainly one of my favorites to date. Check out the full vid after the break!

Update: Unfortunately, the video on youtube has been taken down, though you can still view it on Michael’s site.

[via TechCrunch]

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