Freebies Roundup: Super KO Boxing 2, Tiki Totems Premium and more FREE for limited time

Our Freebies Roundup is a day late (usual posting on Friday), but not to worry. Yesterday’s paid–>free games are still in effect – likely all through the weekend – and there’re loads of them. Glu’s popular Mike Tyson Punch Out-like Super KO Boxing 2 is now free, as is Tiki Totems Premium, a top selling physics puzzle block (destroying) game. “Oldies” like Jet Ball and Save Kitty have made it back once again as free downloads, and even the zombie basher Dawn of the Dead made the list.

The complete roundup after this space…and remember, some of these deals are only on for a very limited time!

Super KO Boxing 2

READY FOR AN OLD FASHIONED BEATDOWN? As the K.O. Kid, you return to the ring to face the most outrageous face-breaking opponents who’ll use sneaky tactics and dirty distractions to knock you out. To be the champ, figure out each fighter’s tells, avoid their signature moves, and when the time is right unleash a super punch to knock ‘em out!

Go toe-to-toe against a cast of bone-crushing boxers with unique moves and personalities including 15 Cent, Shogun, and Ka-Rak Übones.

Super KO Boxing 2 Glu Games Inc , Super KO Boxing 2, 98.5 MB- Free

Tiki Totems Premium

Introducing Tiki Totems!
An exciting new physics puzzle block destroying game. Appease the Tiki Gods by carefully removing the unnecesarry blocks that dim the might and glory of their beautifull totems. BUT BE CAREFUL!! don’t drop the totem on the ground cause that makes them angry, and when they get angry you know what happens. Villages and villagers burn.

Tiki Totems Premium Rafal Staszewski , Tiki Totems Premium, 6.6 MB- Free

Daredevil Dave: Motorcycle Stuntman!

Daredevil Dave is the last of a dying breed…the Motorcycle Stuntman! Courageous, charismatic, a bit arrogant, and totally crazy, Dave is famous for his outrageous stunts. Unfortunately, he is even more well known for his horrifying crashes!

Travel on Dave’s tour and complete each jump challenge. You will receive big prize money for each successful jump! If you crash and get injured, make sure you have enough money to pay the bill! Dave is not indestructible!

Daredevil Dave: Motorcycle Stuntman! mike massei, Daredevil Dave: Motorcycle Stuntman!, 47.3MB- Free

Crazy Snowboard

The #1 snowboard game in the US (300,000+ players) is now on the iPad! Get ready for some wicked-cool 3D snowboarding action on your iPhone!

Ready for some massive airs? Just touch the screen (anywhere) hold down and you’ll crouch ready to spring. Release your touch on top of a ramp and you’ll get a huge boost. Then link your tricks together to increase your multiplier and score big.

Crazy Snowboard , Crazy Snowboard (TMA Review), 23.3MB – Free

Stone Wars

Long long time ago in the Stone Age, the only way to survive is to fight with other tribes for the limited land and resources. You have to master your weapons and win the epic battles to secure your leadership among the tribes!

Stone Wars is a turned-based strategy game with a twist. It offers a unique gaming experience that combines strategy, platform elements and puzzle solving all-in-one.

Stone Wars EpicForce Entertainment Ltd., Stone Wars, 29.8 MB- Free

Pocket Fish

Pocket Fish comes with amazing fish that are ready to be your friend including clownfish, betta, goldfish, and lion fish. The fish have cartoon-like features that allow them to show emotion, and interact with you.

Play with your pet in Pet Mode where you can make them dance, act like a ninja, or tons of other fun animations. Play with your fish by touching the screen and dragging your finger around.

Pocket Fish Controlled Chaos Media, Pocket Fish, 17.6 MB- Free

Flick Kick Rugby

Flick Kick™ Rugby features:

* Intuitive Flick Kicking: Control the angle and curve of your kick with the flick of your finger.
* Realistic Rugby Pitch: 360 degree wind with shifting severity. Anything from a light breeze to gale force winds must be taken into account if you want to score a conversion.

Flick Kick Rugby PikPok, Flick Kick Rugby, 6.9 MB- Free

Dawn of the Dead

A terrifying zombie plague of unknown origin has broken out in your town. You’ve escaped your zombie-infested suburb and arrived at the entrance of the Crossroads Mall. Now you must fight to reach other survivors and get out alive…

Based on the smash hit movie from Universal Studios, Dawn of the Dead takes you inside and around the Crossroads Mall for the first time in a series of intense and terrifying levels as you fight to survive an onslaught of bloodthirsty zombies.

Dawn of the Dead Bytemark Games Inc., Dawn of the Dead, 46.7 MB- Free

Car Mania

Take control of the traffic with a touch in Car Mania, a game that’s jammed full of finger-twisting casual action.

Steer the drivers to their destinations while avoiding road rage – or set up a spate of ‘accidents’ that’ll be sure to clear the streets!

Car Mania Origin8 Technologies Limited, Car Mania, 9.3 MB- Free


Jet Ball is a powerful breakout game packed with stunning visuals, tons of dynamic levels and lots of fresh ideas. Probably the most challenging block-breaker in the app store, made by people who really love arkanoids.

Jet Ball Alexander Oreshko, Jet Ball (TMA Review), 9.9 MB- Free

Chop Chop Tennis

Fun and intuitive tennis game for iPhone!
The creators of Chop Chop Ninja and Chop Chop Runner are back with Chop Chop Tennis : The only ninja-approved tennis game available!

Chop Chop Tennis is a unique action tennis game. You hit the ball by simply flicking your finger on the screen. Chop Chop Tennis is certainly the most frantic, intuitive and enjoyable tennis game ever created for iPhone/iPod Touch!

Chop Chop Tennis Gamerizon , Chop Chop Tennis, 32.5 MB- Free

Viaden Blackjack

Viaden Mobile, a leading casino game developer for iPad, iPhone/iPod Touch, invites you to a posh Las Vegas casino. Sit back at a nice card table and relax to the pleasant background music. This is something truly unique!

High-tech solutions utilized in this application are successfully used in real online casinos. The most prestigious certificates of integrity from TST, GLI, and iTech Labs confirm their fairness and reliability.

Viaden Blackjack ARAWELLA CORPORATION , Viaden Blackjack, 10.8 MB- Free

Fridger Holiday Version

Fridger is a unique puzzle game where you don’t control just the character but everything on the board at once.

While the game may look simple, it’s hard to master. Each level has the minimum number of moves required for it. (The best possible). Levels range from easy to hard to accommodate all different levels of skill.

Fridger Holiday Version Josh Yaw , Fridger Holiday Version, 3.5 MB- Free

Save Kitty

The kitty got lost in a very dangerous place.
Grab him and try to keep him out of harms way. Avoid the spinning blades of death. Every cat likes milk so try and drink as much as you can to restore some of your health.
How long can you keep the little kitty alive?

Save Kitty Rafal Staszewski , Save Kitty, 4.6 MB- Free

Sky Tower

Build the tower as high as you can.
Build it on the ground, in the sky and in the space.
Try to stack tower blocks in a straight line. This will maintain the best balance.
Earn bonus combo points for perfect block drops.

Sky Tower Dmitry Gurkin, Sky Tower 1.9 MB- Free


An addicting strategy game about Squares that, if you are not careful can go from happy, to sad, to… dead.

If you are a fan of simple, quick strategy or puzzle games, Squares is just what you are looking for. Follow the arrows to find the longest path for higher scores; but each touch changes the path making every move important. If you get stuck, you have five “shakes” per game to alter the arrow directions. You can also save your high scores to show your friends.

Squares! ciretose , Squares!, 3.0 MB- Free


RedLaser ―― Impossibly accurate barcode scanning.

✓ Shop smarter. RedLaser searches for low online and local (NEW) prices from hundreds of thousands of retailers. Now features TheFind Product Search as well as Google Product Search in US, UK!
✓ Scan faster. Even without autofocus! RedLaser uses state-of-the-art barcode recognition that can read virtually any product barcode. Works great on the first-gen, 3G, and 3GS!

RedLaser Occipital, LLC , RedLaser, 2.2 MB- Free

Puzzle Collection



Puzzle Collection Mass Creation Sp. z o. o., Puzzle Collection, 9.4 MB- Free

Space Air Hocky

This Air Hockey is fun, cool and very enjoyable.
This Air Hockey has a twist to it!!!

Space Air Hockey Jeannette Assaf, Space Air Hockey, 16.2- Free

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