Prank Me! for iPhone & iPad Announces 50% Price Drop for a Limited Time

College Station, Texas – JBMJBM today is pleased to announce a Price Drop of Prank Me! for iPhone and Prank Me! HD for iPad, their consummate telephone prank app for iPhone or iPad. Prank Me! was selling for $1.99 and now the price has been cut by 50% to $0.99.

Prank Me! allows the user to choose a fictitious character, create a prank telephone script, and then generate a professionally voiced prank phone call, which can be made anonymously. Characters include: an IRS auditor, a car salesman, an attorney, a bill collector, a call girl, the police, a politician, and many more. Scripts can be assembled from a library of pre-recorded phrases.

One of the most clever and flexible methods ever devised for making prank phone calls, Prank Me! offers jokesters a new, hi-tech advantage. The app opens with cartoon renderings of classic characters: FBI Agent, Gay Man, Doctor’s Secretary, Middle-Eastern Man, Human Resources Administrator, Phone Company Representative, etc. After choosing a character the user can choose and order a group of phrases to create a complete, scripted message.

For example, six different phrases can be put together to create the following message, pre-recorded by a professional voice-over artist: “This is Timothy A. Warrenton from the Internal Revenue Service, better known as the IRS. We have a matter we need to urgently talk with you about. It has come to our attention that you owe $10,545.00 in back taxes.”

Given the variety of characters and dialogue, the fun-loving digerati will have no trouble putting one over on a close friend, family member, or lucky stranger. The app sports fun graphics, an easy to use interface, and free updates of additional characters and phrases. Eliminated are awkward attempts at disguising one’s voice. A library of professional male and female voices is included.

Feature Highlights:
* Pull the perfect prank with “impossible to tell from real” Prank Me!
* Over 25 male and female characters done by professional voiceover artists
* Surprise relatives, friends, co-workers, bosses, spouses, and lucky strangers
* New voices and phrases under development available as free updates
* Leave a message for yourself you want someone else to hear
* Play “one-phrase-at-a-time” allows a real dialogue on a live call
* The ideal app to show off your new iPhone or iPad

Operation is streamlined by a number of innovative features. The many phrases in the scrollable library can be re-ordered, allowing easy access to the user’s favorites. Phrases can be assembled and then played on command, allowing for live interaction with the person called. Alternately, phrases can be ordered and then all played sequentially with the touch of a single button. In a rush? Use one of the prepackaged sequences.

The “You’ve Been Pranked Voicemail” feature allows the prankster to leave a callback number (585-209-0149) which lets them in on the joke. The app includes a built-in blog, allowing members of the pranking community to share stories, ideas, pending lawsuits, etc.

“The popularity of this app is crazy and we plan on making it even more popular by doing a price cut for a limited time,” said Brice Milliorn, CEO of JBMJBM.

Device Requirements:
* iPhone or iPad
* iPhone OS 3.0 or later
* iPad OS 3.2 or later
* 33 MB

Prank Me! 1.0 for iPhone or Prank Me! HD for iPad is available now for $0.99 (USD) from the App Store in the Entertainment category, previously it was $1.99. Review copies are available upon request.

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