10 New App Store Games To Watch [June 14 – 20]

Like last weeks’ New Games Roundup, this installment isn’t littered with Blockbuster and highly anticipated titles, though there should still be enough in the variety department to hold your interest. The big news, of course, was the return of the Prince to take on the GodFinger on iPhone.  Prince Of Persia: Warrior Within finally made its way back to the App Store, and the iPhone version of GodFinger, a comical Populus style game, was released this week.  Super Quickhook, the spiritual successor to Hook Champ, swung into the store, and after a bunch of delays that climaxed in some weird difficulties with the App Store itself, the amusing Pro Zombie Soccer is available for your zombie bashing needs.

GodFinger (iPhone) – GodFinger was first released on the iPad well over 2 months ago, and has now finally found a home on the iPhone/iPod Touch. The game is a cross between PocketGod and We Rule, which really all stems from the classic Populus.  The idea is to build up your planet by convincing the population to work for you.  This can either be accomplished by being nice so they want to work for you, or setting an example so they are frightened into working for you.  Either way you can build your persona by controlling the weather and constructing Wonders.  You can play for free, with in-app purchases to help you refine your planet even further.  The game is available for all iDevices, and game saving via Plus+ lets you switch back and forth freely between whatever devices you own.

GodFinger ngmoco, Inc., GodFinger – Free
GodFinger for iPad ngmoco, Inc., GodFinger for iPad – Free

Super QuickHook – Super Quickhook feels kind of like Pitfall for the modern gamer (it doesn’t hurt that one of the first critters you swing over is an alligator).  You’ll basically traverse a bunch of different landscapes with your grappling hook, trying to gather loot so you can shop for more equipment so you can get more loot… You can challenge your friends via OpenFeint, and there are 66 achievements that you can try and earn.  When you add that to the endless “avalanche” mode, there’s more than enough here to keep you busy for hours on end.  The graphics have a nice early 90s shareware look to them, and the overall feel is that of a polished console game.

Super QuickHook Jeremy Orlando, Super QuickHook – $1.99

Pro Zombie Soccer – Chillingo’s Pro Zombie Soccer features you as a dejected soccer star wanna-be that gets bitten by an infected member of the soccer team he tried out for.  Once you take care of him, you take his ball to try and defeat hordes of zombies before you turn as well.  The game has a castle defense feel to it, where you stand in one spot and dispatch zombies as they approach.  There are a bunch of different zombie types to deal with over the course of several levels that are connected with an amusing comic book like story.  There are three power ups you can use to temporarily bolster your zombie slaying power, including one that’s out of this world.  The graphics are top notch, the music is well done, and easy control means you just have to concentrate on the fun.

Pro Zombie Soccer Chillingo Ltd , Pro Zombie Soccer – $0.99

My Kingdom for the Princess – This iPad only game is an interesting take on the time management genre.  The kingdom has been devastated by a tornado, and it’s up to you to rebuild it and return the princess to her father, the king.  Each scene presents you with challenges you must overcome by gathering resources and rebuilding towns, bridges, and what have you.  Each scene that is completed within a certain amount of time allows you to build up part of the castle itself.  The game sports colorful graphics, and the medieval theme along with the fact that you don’t own a shop really brings something new to the whole time management concept.

My Kingdom for the Princess Astar Nevosoft, LLC, My Kingdom for the Princess – $4.99

Rocket Racing League – This is sort of the fanboy realization of the real Rocket Racing League, which is the ability to race cool looking craft through varied landscapes from the Nevada Canyon to outer space.  There are 2 different aircraft types that you can customize and pilot through 4 different race types across 5 separate locations.  Play by yourself or with up to three friends via WiFi or Bluetooth, and get ready to speed through lush 3D landscapes using either a virtual joystick or the accelerometer.  The game has leader boards as well as Facebook connect so you can constantly compare yourself with your friends, and instant replays are viewable from one of six different cameras.

Rocket Racing League Rocket Racing, Inc., Rocket Racing League – $2.99

Geometry Wars™: Touch – This isn’t quite new, but at the same time it is.  I’ve never played the game in any incarnation, but I’ve certainly read all the acclaim.  It’s already been around for the iPad, and now iDevice owners can share the experience as well.  Any time a new dual stick shooter comes out for the iPhone you can pretty much guarantee the “it’s not Geometry Wars” commenters are already posting their threads on all the major gaming forums, so now they can all rest a bit easier.  The best part for iPad owners (or aspiring owners) is that it’s a universal binary, so you can share it among all your iDevices.  Plus, Activision lowered the price for the universal release (down from $9.99), so new adopters are actually getting twice the game for half the price.

Geometry Warsâ„¢: Touch Activision Publishing, Inc., Geometry Warsâ„¢: Touch – $4.99

Veggie Samurai HD – Well, the first thing you’ll take from this is that it seems like a blatant rip off of Fruit Ninja.  Basically if you replace fruit with vegetables and ninja with samurai you’ll have a good feel for what this game offers.  Plus, if you get them both you’ll be on your way to having a well balanced meal!  Anyone up for making Dairy Destroyers?  Anyway, for those who aren’t familiar with the references, the game is basically about slicing vegetables like you’re wielding a samurai’s blade.  You must avoid the poison, because as we all know poison is bad unless you’re a Sicilian.  OpenFeint leaderboards and achievements are sure to keep you busy for a while, and they’re already promising some slick updates.  Personally, I’m intrigued how to see how this compares to Fruit Ninja, which is an excellent game.  Someone want to share their iPad with me?

Veggie Samurai HD QuantumSquid Interactive, Inc. , Veggie Samurai HD – $1.99

SteamBalls HD – I try to avoid talking too much about games that are just going from iPhone to iPad or vice versa, but this week that seemed to permeate the new release list just as much as actual new releases did.  Besides, Steamballs (TMA Review) is probably one of – if not THE – best match 3 games on the iPhone, so I don’t expect any less from the iPad version.  The game has a unique visual style, and the music is wonderful (I’m actually listening to the iPhone version while I’m writing this up).  The game is really more of a strategic match 3 experience then the frantic matching of a game like Bejeweled, the actual weight of each ball is just as important as the color.  This is definitely an experience that shouldn’t be missed by match 3 fans.

SteamBalls HD Digital Worlds, SteamBalls HD – $3.99

AR Monster – This is an iPhone 3GS game only, and it requires the GPS to play, but it still looks really cool.  Basically it’s an RPG that uses your location to determine what monsters you fight.  The backgrounds are based on what you see through your camera, and the monsters look like the grown up version of Pokemon creatures.  The pictures and the description don’t really indicate any presence of customizable stats, but you will have 6 weapons at your disposal plus a shop where you can purchase items and equipment to bolster your fighting skills.  The game is free (or at least was as of 6/20), so if you have a 3GS it can’t hurt to check it out.

AR Monster Hudson Entertainment, AR Monster – Free

EXO-Planet Elite – I’m not real big on multi-player 3D games, but this one has a bit of a twist in that your battlefield is zero gravity outer space.  Magnetic boots and a magnetic grappling hook allow you to control your movement when you need to, or you can drop the magnetism and float off to surprise your opponent.  You can play death match or capture the flag modes, and either 1 on 1 via Bluetooth or 2 on 2 via WiFi.  There are both iPhone and iPad versions of the game, so you can compete with all of your iDevice compatible friends.  Winning matches earns you “scrip” which you can use to purchase better weapons and equipment.  This may not be Halo, but it sounds rather interesting.

EXO-Planet Elite SGN, EXO-Planet Elite – $4.99
EXO-Planet Elite for iPad SGN, EXO-Planet Elite for iPad – $6.99

And here are some notable iPhone to iPad releases:

As always, feel free to comment about any new and notable games that you’ve tried which were released last week. Until next week.

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