Renew your Firearms license with your iPhone

Image from Thinkberry's Real Gun app series

By now, you’ve certainly heard of the phrase “there’s an app for that”. We here at TMA have seen a range of apps that allow you to track moles on your body, accept jobs for money and even tweet your own poop (who woulda thunk it?). Well you may soon be able to add another to the list as The Register are reporting that the Sussex Police are planning to allow gun owners to renew their firearms licences via an iPhone app. Currently, all licence renewals require applicants to fill out all the paperwork during scheduled meetings at the police station. If the proposal goes through, the app will apparently save the county £3m (~$4.5m US) by freeing up cop time during the face-to-face application process. With the recent shooting spree of Derrick Bird however, there are gun control groups that are trying to put a stop to the app.

Can you blame these groups for trying though? It seems we as a society are getting more and more reliant on the iPhone (and technology for that matter), whether it’s for the right or wrong reasons. Personally, making it easier for anyone to keep possession of a firearm can’t be a good thing.

[via The Reg]

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