Updated: Freebies Roundup – Snail Mail, HELLKID and more FREE for limited time

Update: Some sweet additions have been added to our roundup, including Tilt to Live, iGameDock (app with 3 new games every 2 weeks) and more!

The (Father’s Day) weekend is just around the corner and the App Store is once again littered with great Freebie Deals. Snail Mail (TMA Review), one of the most underrated racers and polished racers (also one of my favs in the genre) leads this round up. Just don’t be too quick to judge – this Snail moves like Speedy Gonzalez and can race with the best of ’em! Also free is the highly addictive and recent hit HELLKID : hook & jump. If you dig a pick-up-and-play game that’s surprisingly fun, you’ll love HELLKID.

The complete roundup right after this space. And don’t forget, if you missed our previous Freebies  Roundup, many of the games are still Free…so hurry!


Tilt to Live

How do you play Tilt to Live? Just pick that bad boy up and tilt. Tilt for your life! Lure relentless red foes over to a handy, dandy nuke orb, then ram it and blow the bajeezes out of them. Think you can exterminate your enemies faster than they can multiply? Think again.

Tilt to Live One Man Left , Tilt to Live, 14.1 MB- Free



★★★★★New Issue Comming Soon★★★★★
Yes, We have submitted the new issue, it is coming soon.

iGameDock DREAMSKY Technology Limited, iGameDock, 18.5 MB- Free

American McGee’s Crooked House

From the crooked minds at Spicy Pony and American McGee comes a puzzle game so devious it’ll make you squeak with fright. Based on one of the best loved nursery rhymes of all time, “There Was a Crooked Man”.

Help the Crooked Mouse escape the Crooked House! A dizzying array of macabre objects fill the crooked house. Arrange the objects by to create a safe route for the mouse. Fail and the mouse dies a gruesome death. Eek!

American McGee's Crooked House SPICY HORSE GAMES, American McGee’s Crooked House, 41.0 MB- Free

Skull Pogo

Zombies, bloodthirsty bats, and… vampire PIGS? It’s time to deal with these vile cretins using your secret weapon: a POGO stick!

Tilt your iPhone or iPod Touch to pogo left or right, and bounce those undead monsters back to their graves! The deviously simple yet addictive gameplay will keep you coming back for more, and the real pros can compete for the top spot on our OpenFeint leaderboards.

Skullpogo Blinkbat Games , Skullpogo, 15.8 MB – Free

Doodle Defense!

Defend yourself from a full on frontal doodle assault!

Airplanes, Tanks and more are aiming to crush your spirits. Earn cash and strengthen your defense against the evil doodle armies

Doodle Defense! Pocket Zebra, LLC , Doodle Defense!, 6.2 MB- Free

Snail Mail

Guide Turbo the Snail as he rushes to deliver Intergalactic Mail throughout the furthest reaches of the universe in this fast-paced racing adventure. Navigate 50 adrenaline-packed levels of top-speed action in Postal Mode, put your reflexes to the test in Challenge Mode, or go for the fastest delivery time in the universe in the Time Trials.

With its warp-speed twisting and turning, Snail Mail takes full advantage of the all-new Tilt & Touch controls, making it the perfect game for the iPhone and iPod touch. Strap yourself in and take off in this interstellar joy ride!

Snail Mail Sandlot Games Corporation, Snail Mail, 22.6 MB – Free

HELLKID: hook & jump

HellKid is at its core a conventional 2D side-scrolling platform game, but with a lot of added twists and features. As Devi, your objective is to collect enough souls in your quest to become human! Souls come in various colors such as golden and blue, and each of the 12 levels in “Valley of Soul” with increasing difficulty contains more than 50 patterns to master.

HELLKID : hook & jump JustNine Co. Ltd , HELLKID : hook & jump, 10.3 MB- Free


The goal of the game is simple – to earn as many points as possible and take the first place on the world’s scoreboard by collecting three or more balls of the same color in a horizontal line.

But it is not that simple as it looks! The balls now have weight! We now have real scales on our userface instead of a flat surface! The weight adds new fantastic conditions to the classic gameplay of Match-3 genre! 12 extra balls with unique qualities dramatically expand tactical ability and play. Besides that, do not forget that 5 balls of the same color, if stacked together will form one heavy ball.

Steamballs Digital Worlds , Steamballs (TMA Review), 28.7 MB – Free

T Raiders

New style action puzzle game using map rotation!!

Bear Jones, Fox Croft and Monkey Chul starts an adventure to find forgotten ancient tomb.
They have to overcome obstacles, climb over walls, jumping and turning in the maze to located lost keys.
Enter the Hall of Fame as the best Raider by collecting gold coins.

T Raiders TOUCHMINE CO.LTD, T Raiders, 11.3 MB- Free


You start with a hand of 52 letters that you go through “Solitaire” style. Place each letter on the board or “Pass”. If you “Pass” you can’t go back to that letter.

You score points by:
1. Making unique words with the letters
2. Transforming your words into other words by adding and replacing letters. For example: “TIN” becomes “TINE” which becomes “TILE” which becomes “TILED” and so on.
3. Spelling special “Moxie words” for bonus points

Moxie Blue Ox Technologies Ltd. , Moxie, 3.5 MB – Free

Poker Solitaire Deluxe

If you like Texas Hold’em, try this unique hybrid of Poker & Solitaire! It’s like playing 5 hands of poker at a time. Poker Solitaire Deluxe is from the best selling Solitaire Deluxe® line of products! With over 4 Million mobile downloads to date, come see what your friends are playing. Created by Mobile Deluxe™, the trusted authority in casual games since 2003.

Poker Solitaire Deluxe GOSUB 60, Poker Solitaire Deluxe, 4.8 MB – Free

Game Table (iPad)

Game Table provides everything you need to play classic board games and card games with friends and family. Game Table gives you “virtual pieces” to play English Draughts (Checkers), Chess, Reversi, Poker, and card games without hunting for boards or missing pieces. ** NOTE ** Game Table provides you with game boards, game pieces, and the rules are up to you. You play like you would in real-life, with real opponents without AI enforcing rules or restrictions.

Game Table L4B3L, LLC , Game Table, 7.1 MB – Free


You’re in control of boostball. Knock your rivals out of the way and win the tournament! Tilt your device left and right as you guide boostball past enemies and into the goal! Collect powerups to smash anything that comes in your way! This isn’t your mother’s soccer, this is boostball!

Boostball blacksmith games , Boostball, 18.5 MB- Free


You are the Golman. As a goalkeeper your mission is to save the most goals to ensure victory.

With push messages you receive challenges and results immediately.
Turn-based gameplay means you can play in your own time.
Send a message with every challenge to taunt, insult and outwit your friends.

Golman Yasoma Ltd , Golman, 11.2 MB – Free


iRoach is a funny game with superior graphics of cockroaches and other insects. They look and move just like real ones. When you squash them, see them torn into pieces with insides flowing out.

iRoach 2 Suponix, iRoach 2, 21.7 MB- Free

Small Space

Size matters! How BIG can you get? The object of the game is to make your ship as big as possible by eating the little green guys (Yummies) and then safely delivering them to the yellow space station (Hungry). Each time you collect a Yummy, your ship gets a little bigger. The bigger you are when you reach Hungry, the more points you’ll get!

Small Space is all about risk vs. reward with 31 OpenFeint Leaderboards and over 30 Achievements!

Small Space Tim Miller , Small Space, 14.8 MB- Free


Do you have quick reflexes? Do you have special skills in your fingers? Yes? Well, prove it to the whole world by building the longest chain of bubbles you can. Remember, for the chain you need bubbles of one color; and don’t waste your time – test the speed and accuracy of your finger skills!

Zepi Viacheslav Iushchenko , Zepi, 3.4 MB- Free

Good vs Evil

The game pits Good against Evil in a unique battle filled with strategy and action. Good vs Evil is a mix of chess/checkers and real time battles. Attacking an enemy transports you to a death match in the dungeon where each character has specific attack attributes and weapons. For example, the Warrior shoots swords and has a slow attack speed whereas the Warlock shoots a laser which causes maximum damage. The winner of the battle conquers the space on the board.

Good vs Evil TAS Games, Good vs Evil, 8.0 MB- Free

Blue Brain

★★★ To promote the release of BlueBrain, we’re giving it away free till June 21st ★★★ Your 5 star ratings will help ensure faster updates with more puzzles! v1.1 has already been submitted to Apple and is pending review.

BlueBrain is an entertaining brain exercise app that provides you with over 120 amazing optical illusions, brain teasers, problem solving puzzles and trivia questions. BlueBrain includes regular FREE updates with new puzzles and illusions.

BlueBrain Christiaan Rendle, BlueBrain, 11.9 MB- Free

Ace Fighter

Ace Fighter is a fun vertical shooting game, you need kill all enemy and kill big level bosses.

Game feature:
– spectacular end-of-level bosses;
– 2 different mission scene;
– easy tap&tilt control;

Ace Fighter Gang Zeng , Ace Fighter, 17. 0 MB – Free

SIZZ – Puzzle

SIZZ is an innovative puzzle game that is addictive to play.
Combined with elements from the action genre it will get faster and more complicated with each level you reach. The computer won’t forgive failures. How long can you survive?

Your aim is to build closed paths by moving and rotating the tiles which the computer offers you.
The more tiles you use, the higher is the score. Building three large figures in a line starts the triple score mode, which will push your earnings to really high values.

SIZZ – Puzzle Sascha Sigges , SIZZ – Puzzle, 3.4 MB- Free

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