Young Social Entrepreneurs are the new competitive advantage

Charlottesville, Virginia – Kids Are Heroes and Niles Technology Group are leading the way in developing unique programs and products to help students become effective social entrepreneurs. By teaching the virtue of helping others, while at the same time helping schools be their best, Kids Are Heroes and Niles Technology Group are paving a new way for students to make a mark on their world.

Kids Are Heroes, a non-profit founded by Maryland middle school student MaryMargaret O’Neill and her father, provides a foundation and a forum for young kids to positively affect an issue or problem that interests them. Whether it is saving horses, bringing needed attention to a childhood disease, or aiding the embattled children of Haiti, each young person is encouraged to develop a plan of action to help. In effect, Kids Are Heroes members become mini social entrepreneurs because developing such a plan is akin to running their own small businesses. All proceeds are directed toward the cause, so a monetary profit is not made. However, the kids profit by experiencing the good effects and change that their efforts have, which is something no amount of money can purchase.

Kids Are Heroes has many activities in which kids can directly participate. Their next big event is on June 26, 2010 in Gettysburg, PA where Levar Fisher, ex-football player, will be speaking to students about being their best. Visit the Kids Are Heroes website to learn more.

Companies have also joined to assist Kids Are Heroes in furthering its endeavors; the Niles Technology Group is one of them. Niles Technology Group is the creator of the Achievers Writing Center mobile apps, which are the No. 1 essay writing apps on the iPhone and iPod touch. This innovative company understands the importance of education and believes that it is never too early to learn how to write well and to clearly express one’s ideas. To focus on young people, the Mobile Writing Project was developed to specifically assist schools and students in acquiring top-of-the-line mobile technology.

Niles Technology Group has partnered with Kids Are Heroes to help identify and deliver mobile technology to schools and students. The goal is to give schools the tools to help these budding social entrepreneurs be their best academically. NTG is donating 15% of the revenue from all Mobile Writing Center app sales toward the purchase of iPods and iPads. The devices are donated to Kids Are Heroes, which then gives the devices to schools with which they are associated. This program is growing, and, if your school is interested in benefiting from the Mobile Writing Project, contact Michael Niles at the Niles Technology Group.

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Niles Technology Group was founded in 2007 to develop software for emerging technologies and is developing a series of mobile computing applications dedicated to teaching superior writing and logical thinking skills. With its experience in the technology and content required to develop full-featured products for students, Niles Technology Group is already in the top 25 of all iPhone app publishers and the Achievers Writing Center and Essay Writing Wizard apps have sold successfully worldwide. The key to Niles Technology Group’s success is specificity. Each app is specific to the writing task at hand. Michael A. Niles, the founder, was formerly, for eight years, the President and CEO of The Right Education, Inc. (TRE), a web-based educational technology company that developed The Learning Accelerator. He looks forward to continuing to bring top-line education products to the mobile computing marketplace. Copyright (C) 2007-2009 Niles Technology Group. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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