Pirate’s Treasure in Review – Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!

Ahoy, landlubbers! In the game for some booty? Me and some fellow gentlemen o’ fortune found this ole treasure map lying around and are planning to go hunting for it!  And a couple of me hearties – Guerrilla Bob and John Gore – have recommended you as a reliable mate to accompany us. Beware, though, some lily-livered sprogs say there’s a curse be placed on said booty. But those child’s tales are not going to stop such swashbuckling buccaneers like us, right? Arrrgh!

Pirate’s Treasure is a classic dual-shooter, true to the ideals of the smash hit Minigore. Unlike its predecessor, though, storyline of sorts is built in the game. A pirate finds the treasure he has been long searching for, only to discover it is cursed. In a desperate deal with Grim Reaper he is stripped of his skills and allowed to go free. But that’s not going to stop a true swashbuckler!

Pirate’s Treasure is split into stages grouped in rooms. On each stage there are up to 3 missions, which have to be fulfilled to unlock the next one. Missions do not offer too much originality and vary between killing a specific amount of enemies, collecting coins, surviving for a set time or reaching a defined score. This makes the game finely tailored to playing on the go with each individual stage rarely taking more than a few minutes. Granted, some of the non-mandatory levels do have insane objectives and may take hours to finish.

The means of achieving these objectives, sadly, do not leave much room for imagination. There is a basic musket with upgradeable firing rate and a flamethrower powerup that drops on the levels from time to time. As a last resort you have the option to morph into a Kraken-like sea beast that munches through the enemies like they aren’t there. And, of course, movement speed can also be upgraded, along with luck that defines the chance of enemies dropping coins that can be spent on said upgrades.

Graphically Pirate’s Treasure looks very impressive, with decent performance on the iPhone 3G. The enemies look a bit cartoony, as does the protagonist, but this fits nicely with the feel of the game. I especially liked the variety of environments, even though the stages themselves felt a bit empty on the smallish side.

Pirate’s Treasure is a solid dual-stick shooter that has everything in it to give you up to 6-7 hours of enjoyment. It doesn’t open any new doors in the genre, especially lacking seriously in the armament department, but if you’re a fan of the genre it is as good a choice as most out there.

With this I declare Pirate’s Treasure officially touched!

App Summary
Title: Pirate’s Treasure Developer: Chillingo Ltd
Reviewed Ver: 1.1 Min OS Req: 2.2.1
Price: $1.99 App Size: 65.7 MB
  • Nice graphical style
  • Substantial gameplay worth
  • Bite-sized levels
  • Basic RPG element
  • Extremelylimited armament
  • Lacking storyline


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