Hot news of the day – Guess the News is FREE for a day!

We’ve got stellar news for you folks! FingerArts has just informed me that their highly acclaimed game, Guess the News, has just been set FREE for a day in collaboration with OpenFeint’s Free Game of the Day project. Our beloved Enuh reviewed Guess the News back in late Fall 2009 and was very much impressed with the game and awarded it a firm Grab-It rating.

More than just a novelty, Guess the News is a great word puzzle game with a unique concept and an educational component. A steal at $0.99, it offers unlimited game content, informative news and an enjoyable game experience that makes it stand out from the rest. It’s a game for all ages and discriminating game tastes.

Guess the News Finger Arts, Guess the News (TMA Review) – Free

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App Description

In collaboration with OpenFeint’s Free Game of the Day, Guess the News is Free for TODAY only • Tons of Anagrams based on the latest News :) With various levels of difficulty, you have to mix and match from a pool of letters the missing ones to complete the headline of a true news article from today :)
The challenge is everyday new because the Headlines of today’s articles are downloaded from the most popular RSS feeds for you daily!
How does it work? Very simple: After you read a brief abstract of the article, you fill in the empty slots from the Headline using a set of tiles containing the missing letters. If you guess right, you win and move up to the next one to collect more points. If you mis-match one or more tiles (depending on the level of difficulty) you lose the game :)
To match a tile, tap it, or if you like, drag it to its slot …for example, to start matching that “…ing” or “…ed” out of the way :) And if you like to start solving from the last word, or any word, of the Headline… tap it, and its matching letters will highlight.
Think it is easy? Think twice… get to the hard level and try solving anagram spanning several words, if you dare :)
☻ Finalist for best trivia game in the best app ever awards from 148apps!!!
☻ I recommend this strongly to all. Definitely one the better games out there –
☻ I bought it and….woah. This is actually fun and very addicting –
☻ Succeeds as both an entertaining puzzle game and an informative option for news across several topics without diluting either –
And remember, as always, your five stars (★★★★★) are very important to us, and they help us to bring you free updates and new exciting games!

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