Updated: Freebies Roundup – BloodyRush, The Hive and more FREE for limited time

Update: Com2uS’ mighty fun and action-packed Heavy Gunner is now FREE for limited time as well. Several other new titles have also been added to our roundup.

This week’s first Freebie Roundup post is back and we’ve hand picked some of the more notable and worthwhile games that have recently dropped in price to free on the App Store. iBlast Moki (TMA Review), one of the hit games from ’09, dropped to $0 a few days ago and still remains a free download. There’re plenty more in our roundup (currently 12 titles), so be sure to take a peek after the break and see if you can find one or more that tickle your fancy.


Heavy Gunner +



Dual stick control (multi-touch)
More than 130 combinations of upgradable weapon
25+ missions with different enemies
Leadersboard and online ranking
Optimized control by re-calibration
Social networking integration

HEAVY GUNNER + Com2us USA, Inc. , HEAVY GUNNER +, 19.2 MB (TMA Review) – Free

Guess the News

Tons of Anagrams based on the latest News. With various levels of difficulty, you have to mix and match from a pool of letters the missing ones to complete the headline of a true news article from today.

How does it work? Very simple: After you read a brief abstract of the article, you fill in the empty slots from the Headline using a set of tiles containing the missing letters. If you guess right, you win and move up to the next one to collect more points. If you mis-match one or more tiles (depending on the level of difficulty) you lose the game :)

Guess the News Finger Arts, Guess the News (TMA Review) – Free



Barbarians coming! Your goal is to stand straight as long as you can!
The game brings Tower Defense genre to third dimension with animated characters, 3D physics and amazing touch control.

Barbarians Alec Baravik , Barbarians, 15.4 MB – Free

Soccer Tactics Multiplayer

The first sports game in our series, Soccer Tactics is a turn-based football / soccer game where you can play against your iPhone / iPod or against your friends. Manage your players’ moves in this turn-based strategy game of 3-on-3 football.

Real team play is the key factor to success! Realistic physics provide an excellent football game experience. Our drag control gives you perfect command over your football players. Soccer Tactics supports exciting matches against your friends in a hot-seat mode or anyone online using WiFi or 3G connection.

Soccer Tactics Multiplayer Gabor Furedi , Soccer Tactics Multiplayer, 4.1 MB – Free

Rocket Car

Check out completely new and exciting gameplay! The car is riding. You need to do only one thing – accurately shoot the targets. Try to get enough score to advance to the next level!

More levels coming soon!

Rocket Car Vladimir Mitrofanov, Rocket Car, 7.9 MB – Free

Tumblie HD

Tumblie is a fun and addictive physics/gravity based puzzle game built especially for the iPad. Get your star to the stage by collapsing the towers of shapes and watching it all tumble. Earn points and use them to unlock extra content.

Tumblie HD Kelly Bennett, Tumblie HD, 10.1 MB – Free


Run !! Run !! And Kill !!

You run endlessly on the buildings in dark city.
There are many obstacles and monsters, but just don’t be upset!
If you use suitable command in time, you can go push aside them easily.

– dynamic action and cool graphic feeling!
– exciting BGM, active strike and speed feeling for maximizing Fun!
– You can avoid/destroy the obstacles by entering suitable command for them.
– If you enter the command in optimum time, crazy attact can be started!!
– You can raise your skill by using training mode.

BloodyRush Seung Woo Lee , BloodyRush, 6.7 MB- Free

The Hive

Dive into this mysterious adventure set in a cyberpunk world!
The Internet has evolved (or devolved?) into a holographic environment that people can access through implanted brain devices.
Everyone is connected to the HIVE.
You’re a young hacker who tries to make money stealing credit cards and documents for some obscure clients. Very soon you’ll find proof that something is happening to the HIVE and that doesn’t look very good.
Are you ready to save the world?

The HIVE Marco Bancale, The HIVE ,7.6 MB- Free

iBlast Moki

Do you love bombs, creating contraptions and solving physics puzzles?
iBlast Moki is an original physics puzzle game where you blast cute little Mokis with the help of bombs and other crazy items.

– 85 levels, including several boss levels
– Enjoy the visuals of 7 completely different worlds with their own gameplay mechanics

iBlast Moki Godzilab , iBlast Moki (TMA Review), 11.6 MB- Free

Pancake Flip

Flip out over the exciting and fun Pancake Flip game! Test your skills by flipping delicious pancakes in different levels of gravity! Fun for all ages, the challenge is to flick your wrist GENTLY and improve your pancake flipping prowess.

Pancake Flip takes the players to five different fantastical stages to flip your pancake. Apart from the charming visual aesthetics and the light-hearted storyline, the game offers enchanting motion sensing controls and gripping physics that allows players to experience flipping pancakes like never before.

Pancake Flip Keigo Muto , Pancake Flip, 8.4 MB – Free


ROTATOR is a match-3 type puzzle game for the iPhone / iPod Touch that makes use of the accelerometer function. Rotate your device, and a series of circles will rotate along with it. These circles are divided into pie-pieces, each in one of up to five different colors.

Swap pieces to make them jump from one circle to another. Do this to create a cluster of 3 pieces of the same color within a single circle. Get additional bonus by getting a match-4, and match-5.

ROTATOR Studio Caterpillar, ROTATOR, 3.1 MB- Free

Ships Squared

Ships Squared (Ships²) is a new game exclusive to the iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.

Thirteen ships are laid out on a 10×10 board according to strict rules. You fire at squares. You get the results. You deduce where the ships are. And you draw them. Unlike traditional Battleships, you don’t actually need to sink the ships: it’s deducing their layout that is the achievement.

There are 12 levels, all using the same basic rules. The lightest ones can be played casually while waiting for the bus. The middling ones take from 5 to 20 minutes of concentrated thought. The heaviest levels demand intense, rigorous, error-free reasoning for half an hour or more. Only a few geniuses will attempt the top level, which takes two hours at least.

Ships Squared Universalis Publishing Limited, Ships Squared, 1.1 MB – Free

Black Tie Adventure – A Fresh Journey

Fun and beautiful side-scrolling platformer, jump and run! Probably the most fresh-styled platformer game!

Your girl and friends need your help! They are caught by big snakes! Run and jump over the fantastic worlds to save your friends. Fight the bosses for those you love!

Black Tie Adventure - A Fresh Journey Glen Poon , Black Tie Adventure – A Fresh Journey, 20.1 MB – Free

100 Leaps

100 Leaps is a wonderful new arcade/puzzle game for iPhone, iPod and iPad!!
A frog is looking for its lost and wandering tadpoles through 25 increasingly puzzling and enticing levels. On the journey you will help solving puzzles, avoiding enemies, saving tadpoles and collecting stars but all in a frenzy because time is rarely on your side. The game has some side effects among which sudden bursts of joy and laughing out loud. A classic puzzle mode is also available where you will have to do exactly 100 leaps on a 10×10 cells board.

100 Leaps Fabio Russo, 100 Leaps, 13.0 MB- Free

Soccer Kickoff

It’s a kickoff competition that the fans in the largest stadium ever built have been waiting for. The goal is simple, kick the ball as far as you can.

To unlock balls you need to collect stars. The more stars you collect the more balls you unlock. To start use the normal ball to unlock 3 countries. Use the Yin Yang ball to unlock three more. From there you need to use different country balls to unlock other countries.

To play, simply tap the screen once to select the angle of the kick. Tap it again to select the power of your kick and to send it on its way. How far can you kick it? Time the angle and power just and you will kick the ball farther and farther every time.

Soccer Kickoff Mark Andrade , Soccer Kickoff, 6.6 MB- Free


Coretex is a new and innovative puzzle game for iPhone and iPod touch.
Set within a nuclear reactor core on the brink of meltdown, this action puzzle will test your skill and wits to avert the impending disaster. Pit yourself against two different gameplay modes and rack up a score on the global leaderboard.

Coretex David Kelly, Coretex, 5.0 MB- Free


Take part in exciting spaceship vs spaceship combat in the far reaches of space! Enjoy fast, fluid gameplay involving laser beams, particle cannons, crazy teleport abilities and more. The game has 5 unique classes of ships with very different abilities and weapons. Unlock them all and fight with your opponents over local-wifi to see who comes out first!

SpaceDuel! Jiayi Chong , SpaceDuel!, 4.6 MB- Free


Hello match-3 puzzle players! We have a toy for you! You will need to match sets of three or more like-colored bubbles to remove them from the board and have points added to your score. Numerous levels, special elements and increasing difficulty will ensure hours of fun. Use bonuses to multiply your score. Experience new and unique game play using special elements.

Adubble Micha Joczyk , Adubble – Free

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