More options for getting Flash on the iOS

With all of the Apple vs Adobe “friendly” exchanges these last few months, it’s virtually a certainty Flash will never find a true home on the iOS. Or will it? More and more developers are taking upon themselves to offer solutions to have at least some way of having the heavily sought technology on your iDevice. We have already reported Cloud Browse – a virtual browser on a remote server, streamed right to your iPhone and Smokescreen – a Javascript Flash recompiler. And just recently two more projects have surfaced on the web.

One is proof of concept, made by Artefact group and is sort of a cross between the two ways of getting Flash, reported earlier. It uses a Javascript plugin for Safari to stream input to a remote server with a Flash-enabled browser and returns the result, overlaying it on top of the page. At the moment it uses static images, limiting the framerate to about 15 images per second max and no sound. In future they plan to switch to H.264 to deliver a much better and more fluid experience. This solution combines the integration into Safari, offered by the Smokescreen one at the same time allowing to go easy on the hardware requirements. And what’s more, with only minor changes in realization, other stuff like Silverlight and Unity3D can easily find their way to the iOS as well.

The other solution is offered, or, rather, will be offered, by Comex – one of the authors of the Spirit jailbreak. Not much is known about it, save for a video he put out on Youtube (with quite poor image quality). But given his track record this may be one of the better solutions, if he manages to get it to work that is.

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