COPS: High Speed Pursuit In Review – Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Whatcha Gonna Do!

The show COPS has been around for quite a long time and if you’ve ever watched the show, you know some crazy stuff goes down. Well the folks at Hands-On Mobile must be fans because they took one aspect of the show and designed an entire game around it. COPS: High Speed Pursuit takes you into the dangerous world of car chases.  So turn on your sirens, put your pedal to the floor and check out the rest of the review after the jump.

Now it’s been a little while since i’ve reviewed a racing/driving game. Most of the time it’s usually track based racing. This time, the driving has a purpose. While the premise of the game is pretty simple, I was excited that they are changing things up and not sticking to the standard Nascar-esque drive in a circle over and over.  It is a little weird though, that the point of the game is to “take down” cars but you don’t actually get to even make contact with the car.  As soon as you get into and stay in a designated area long enough a cinematic takes over and shows you everything done for you.

I knew when I started playing that based on the premise, there was a limited amount of content I could expect.  Even still I was a little disappointed with what I got. Instead of tracks, you are chasing cars down highways. However they only provide you with a few different ones so the scenery is limited.  I also realized quickly that no matter how well I drove the result would not change. There were certain events that happen every time during a pursuit, the only thing that would change is how long it took for each thing to happen (based on how well I drove that round).  It would be nice to see some more variety in some of the in-game events that happen.

The controls for the game are pretty standard as far as driving games go. The default setting has you using buttons to accelerate/stop and using the accelerometer to turn or control the car. The alternate controls has a steering wheel on the the left side that you can use to drive but in my experiences you have a lot more control tilting.

Also, I was thinking that maybe they would throw in some cheesy story lines or something to tie to the chases, again I was left in lurch. Instead all I know is that I am chasing these cars because they sped past me.   Each round starts off in a similar way and although there is some muffled chatter over the police radio (I couldn’t understand any of it) there isn’t much after that. I think if they were to add some more depth to the game it would drastically change the way you looked at it. I would honestly play the while thing over if I had some story line or something to go along with the chasing.

Having reviewed titles from Hands-On in the past, I know how well they can design a game. Once again I have to say they did a really good job. Even though I may not have been a fan of the limited scenery, the ones I did get to see looked good. The various cars that you drive are very well done and even though they don’t actually name any models, it’s very easy to tell what’s what.  Another aspect of the game I really liked was the smoking hood effect that happens when you start to bang up your car. It really impairs your vision making it so much more difficult to drive which adds to the challenging fun.

In the end I have to say I wasn’t as impressed with this title as I was hoping to be.  Although the game is designed well and the controls are rather spot on, the content was just a little toolight for my liking. COPS: High Speed Pursuit is not necessarily a bad title but I think with some more depth to the content, variation in environment and events, it could well become one of the better racing/driving games on the App Store.

App Summary
Title: COPS: High Speed Pursuit Developer: Hands-On Mobile
Reviewed Ver: 1.5.0 Min OS Req: 3.0
Price: $2.99 App Size: 40.0 MB
  • Good design/effects
  • Easy to manage controls
  • Little to no depth or story
  • A lot of repetition with in game events
  • not very challenging
  • No actual contact with other cars


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