The Icon Battery pack for iPhone – EL guapo

Essential tpe’s Icon Battery pack for iPhone is a freakin’ battery icon-looking battery… for the iPhone! It’s a tongue twister to say, and thanks to a lot of extra juice flowing in its veins, it’ll let you twist your tongue for another 3 hours in 3G mode, or 7 in 2G. Don’t care to talk? Icon’ll grant you music magic for 18 hours, or for the real geek, another 5,5 hours of Wifi internet usage. Granted, it ain’t the most mobile-looking of battery packs, nor as do-it-all as EMVY’s case or Mophie’s Juice, but it’s bootylicious, especially toting the world’s first EL film display for a mobile phone.

“the icon”, was inspired according to the battery icon on iPhone, is designed specifically for the iPhone backup power solution. From “the icon” unique outlook, and able to extend your iPhone talk time up to 3 hours and audio play back up to 18 hours, it will be your best choice for the battery solution, not only outside appearance, but functionally solve the power problem with daily use of the iPhone. Moreover, “the icon” has an innovative design which is using EL film on its front panel to display its power status clearly, which also the world’s first one who use EL lighting film as power indicator. The easy operation is another aspect of “the icon” even though there is no extra button on it. “the icon” would charge your iPhone once you connect to the iPhone, and it will show you the remaining power while you remove it from your iPhone.

The Icon Battery pack isn’t for sale on Amazon (yet), but if you happen to be hopping around Asia, you might find one. Essential tpe store locator.

For more info, visit essential tpe

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