Zombie Shock in Review – Shockingly addictive zombie shooter

Zombie games are in abundance on the AppStore and vary from simple shooters and other types of casual madness to Action/RPGs to the quite complex tower defence genre. At the same time few of the lot are really worth noting with a lot of developers using the theme to disguise poor artistry or simply a lack of imagination. Is the latest addition to the genre – Zombie Shock worth any special attention? Let’s find out…

Zombie Shock is a side-scrolling shooter to its core. Abel, a young and brilliant scientist, together with his brother Cain, has discovered the cure for cancer. Shortly after they have been contracted by the US military to work on a top-secret project code-named Fear. The project is speeding out of control and Abel is starting to have second thoughts, for which he is put in an insane asylum to keep him from spilling the beans. The story is told as comic-style cutscenes between stages as you get farther and farther away from the asylum after an outbreak has turned the entire city into undead.

With such a storyline it’s no wonder the goal of Zombie Shock is to survive. Stage after stage, level after level you will control Abel in his endless race to save his own skin. A nice touch is the fact the hordes of enemies appear from behind, catching up to you in smaller squads. And don’t fret, you’ll not be controlling a helpless running pile of meat. Abel shows himself to be a true geekinator, using various guns to decimate the hordes of zombies and earn a chance to survive another day.

Speaking of which – Zombie Shock is a pleasant surprise with reasonably extensive RPG elementsconsisting of an arsenal of purchasable weaponry and stat upgrades. Money, earned for the completion of a level, can be well spent on armaments, ranging from simple handguns and crossbows to miniguns and rocket launchers. And where would we be without a chainsaw to top it all off? You can choose up to 3 weapons to carry on a mission, which is important since reloading one takes some time, during which you’ll have to remember to switch to a different one.

The graphics are excellently done in a consistent comic style and there are loads of creative zombie. The interface is a dual-stick set-up with the left one controlling the position of Abel and the right one the shooting angle. The problem is that in order to make the actual shot, you have to take your finger off the aiming stick and tap on the game area. This means there is no way to change aim and shoot at the same time – that is, unless you’re willing to leave Abel in one place.

Zombie Shock is an above average side-scroller that stands out thanks to excellent graphics, polished gameplay and original mechanics. The nicely laid-out storyline brings extra charm to the game with the last scene leaving you hungry for more. At the same time Zombie Shock could really use some interface tweaks. The current set-up constantly making me feel I ought to have an extra hand. Regardless, it is one of the better titles out there and is a definite recommendation for all the zombie-fans/haters out there.

With this I declare Zombie Shock officially touched!

App Summary
Title: Zombie Shock Developer: BLUE WIND
Reviewed Ver: 1.0.0 Min OS Req: 3.0
Price: $1.99 App Size: 43.0 MB
  • Nice original graphics
  • Solid storyline
  • RPG system with an array of stats and weaponry
  • Clumsy controls


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