skobbler: free GPS by dint of OpenStreetMap

If skobbler’s devs have one thing painted in their collective brains at the moment, I reckon it’s “OpenSource for the win!” or some such motto. In the USA, skobbler, the OpenStreetMap-based turn-by-turn navigation/GPS app, is a huge win for what may well be the future of navigation apps: open source mapping. You the customer can also be the mapper, and God only knows that you know your locale better than any Samsung-style megacorp who tries to tell you that they know better. Hell, rather than waiting for the bigwigs to finally update their software, thousands of your mates on a variety of platforms are mapping the world for you.

In case you aren’t in to oil spill-suckers, there is also a pedestrian/bicycle mode. Perhaps its killer feature though, is that the US version  comes with no monetary strings attached – at all. Needless to say, skobbler has been a hit in its native Germany and ruffled quite a few feathers in the process, but those feathers probably don’t belong there in the first place.

skobbler US ? truly FREE turn-by-turn voice navigation skobbler GmbH, skobbler US, FREE

Screenies and more after the gap:

*** Give it a try and be surprised: Experience what’s already possible on the Wikipedia-like OpenStreetMap and edit your neighborhood in the map yourself – The skobbler App will continuously be udpated ***

For iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS

Please visit or for more information and help.

Get a market-leading navigation app for free: skobbler has been the best-selling navigation app in “car country” Germany for more than six months.

And yes – IT DOESN’T COST A DIME IN THE UNITED STATES. No trial period, no in-app purchase or subscription requirements. The multi-award-winning skobbler turns your iPhone into a navigation device. Read on and be surprised.

**** skobbler makes use of THE OPENSTREETMAP.
skobbler always uses the freshest OpenStreetMap material, the “Wikipedia of maps” ( OpenStreetMap is a free and independent community project with more than 250,000 members worldwide.

The Wikipedia-like setup of OpenStreetMap allows you to improve the map yourself. When you recognize an error on the map, you can directly report it from the skobbler app for correction to the OpenStreetMap community. If you want, you can even edit the map yourself with one of the popular OpenStreetMap web editors. It’s up to you to contritube to the creation of the greatest map out there in the areas that matter the most to you.

skobbler downloads the necessary maps during each use: therefore it only uses a tiny share of your iPhone’s storage capacity. That results in two benefits for you:

– You can instantly start navigating after a very short download and don’t need to go through a tediously long map download process via iTunes on your PC.

– You can rather use your iPhone’s storage capacity for your pictures, videos and music.

**** skobbler offers A TON OF GOOD THINGS:
– high-quality turn-by-turn GPS Navigation
– choice between 2,5D bird eye’s view and 2D map display
– intuitive operation
– precise audio-advices
– visual turn-guidance
– always up-to-date OpenStreetMap at no extra cost
– map bug reporting tool
– integrated iPod control for playback during navigation
– day- and night-mode for the map display
– automatic continuation of navigation after incoming calls
– dedicated pedestrian navigation
– take-me-home functionality
– and a lot more

**** skobbler will RAPIDLY IMPROVE.
We have a track record of continuous updates and innovation. We’ll continue to live up to that pedigree to turn skobbler into a more and more special app.

Stay with us, stay tuned.
****skobbler. be there.

**** About skobbler
skobbler is a young team with a mutual past at premium navigation specialist NAVIGON AG. The skobbler company was founded during a spin-off in 2008 and has been developing its very own software for mobile phones ever since. skobbler strives to offer smart products that provide orientation and fun on the OpenStreetMap.

!!! Traffic regulations and current road situations always precede skobbler’s directions!

You DO NOT need to register on in order to use the application. A registration is NOT required. Just press “Skip” on the start screen of the application to use it without having to log in.

skobbler US ? truly FREE turn-by-turn voice navigation skobbler GmbH, skobbler US, FREE

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