Freebies Roundup: Battle of Puppets, :Shift: and more FREE for limited time

It may only be early in the week, but lots of quality App Store titles have dropped in price and can be enjoyed gratis. Battle of Puppets (TMA Review), one of more unique castle defense games on the iDevice, is now a free download until the 15th of June. B.O.P’s eye-catching visuals, cute premise and fun gameplay makes this a great addition to the defense genre. Also free is the highly addictive and original platform puzzler :Shift:. Developed by Armored Games, this flash based game will force you to use your noggin’ to get from A to B (an exit door). Highly recommend!

For the full Freebies roundup, be sure to take a peek after the break…Hurry though as some of these deals are only good for 1 day!


Shift is an adventure puzzle platformer with a literal twist to the game play mechanic. You are subject 32763, trapped in an experiment. Can you find your way out?

Shift was released on the web in 2008, and since then it’s been played more than 10-million people. Now’s your chance to own this amazing game on your iPhone.

:Shift: Seller: Armor Games Inc, :Shift: – Free

Battle of Puppets

You select and perform an opera in a series of 22 American theatres, each with its own custom backdrop of famous landmarks. Each competition then pits you as the puppeteer to strategically build units, upgrade your castle and outposts, and even cast spells using written gestures to destroy the opposing forces and win the affection of the crowd. With 6 professions to unlock, you can learn to repair your troops, mind control the enemy, boo the opposition, and more!

Battle of Puppets Small Wonders S.L., Battle of Puppets (TMA Review) – Free

Secret of the Lost Cavern Ep. 2

Secret of the Lost Cavern is an episodic adventure game that plunges the player into an inspiring journey that takes place during the Paleolithic period in prehistoric time, 15,000 years B.C.

The gameplay and each puzzle are designed to take unique advantage of the touch capabilities of the iPhone. 3D graphics and videos are also optimized for an unparalleled visual quality on mobile devices.

Secret of the Lost Cavern Ep. 2 Seller: Coladia, Secret of the Lost Cavern Ep. 2 – Free


“STRIKERS 1945 PLUS” the best flight shooting game ever rated by shooting maniacs are now available on Appstore ~!!!
Original `STRIKERS 1945 PLUS` created by PSIKYO which is a renowned flight shooting game will greet you on your devices either on iphone or ipod touch.

STRIKERS 1945 PLUS WindySoft Co., Ltd, STRIKERS 1945 PLUS – Free

The Mirror Maze

Mirror your movements in Mirror Maze, a brain-bending maze game. Your task is simple, get your player from the top left of the screen to the bottom right of the screen. But your position is mirrored by another player, don’t let either touch a wall or it’s game over!

Features include animated levels, warp gates and more, all enclosed in a wonderfully bright and unique art style.

The Mirror Maze Assyria Game Studio, The Mirror Maze – Free

3D Ping Pong Tricks

First game ever on any platform that actually tests your trick shot skills… within a multi-scene 3D environment that is fully supported by a solid physics engine. You have full control of all angles and power to throw your beer pong ball through the air to hit the cup straight on or be creative by using any wall, floor or furniture to ultimately land the most epic shot.

3D Pong Tricks James Goruk, 3D Pong Tricks – Free

Blood Lines

There was an ancient villa in the town. Its windows and doors were boarded up for centuries and no one rented or sold it. Local people used to say that one can hear screeching of a bat from inside the home and many people also reported seeing a shadow of a tall and lanky woman in the window, on the upper floor, which was the only one not covered with boards.

Blood Lines Xtremics Ltd, Blood Lines – Free

Royal Poker Odds

Unlike most of the other odds calculator that emphasizes the number of indicators and their complexity -making poker players even more confused – Royale Poker Odds focuses on the indicators that really matter and emphasizes the user’s experience.

The software has been designed following the 3-steps process of the Texas Hold’em Poker, making it a companion and not just a tool:
1) Starting hands
2) Board (flop, turn and river)
3) High stakes games (all-in for example)

Royale Poker Odds Harold CHATENET, Royale Poker Odds – Free


Jump, run, and fly in Gambol, the best mobile ball platformer in the App Store!

Use your aptitude and accuracy to navigate through springboards, chains, rotors, barriers and many more obstacles in over 70 levels!

Use springboards, chains, rotors, barriers and many more! It’s up to you to show Gambol the way!

Gambol Pit Heimes, Gambol – Free

Cubz – 3D Sliding Puzzle

Cubz is a 3D sliding puzzle game inspired by the famous sliding 15 Puzzle game. The game consists of 8, 17 or 26 cubes disposed in a matrix called Cubz. The goal is to reorder the cubes one by one as quickly as possible and with a minimum number of moves.

Cubz - 3D Sliding Puzzle Rudicubes, Bertrand Dufresne, Cubz – 3D Sliding Puzzle – Free


Aliens have invaded earth!!!!

They have been very far away and very Powerful Mutants.
We must retake the earth!

“Destroy9 – Alien” version is “Defence” and “RTS”
“Destroy9” version is “Defence” + “RTS” + “Action”

Destroy9 Jongha Back, Destroy9 – Free

TravelTracker – Personal Travel Assistant

TravelTracker was the FIRST application of its kind and was among the first 100 applications available on the App Store and is still featured on

TravelTracker is your all-inclusive personal travel assistant. It stores all vital information for a trip and displays it in a convenient itinerary screen. Additionally, it will allow you to record all of the key pieces of information you need after your trip. This is a must have product for both business and personal use.

TravelTracker - Personal Travel Assistant Silverware, TravelTracker – Personal Travel Assistant – Free

Dead Simple TODO + Notes HD

Dead Simple TODO is the easiest, beautiful, and a versatile notes application. No more complicated interfaces to deal with!
The big sized fonts coupled with warming colors makes writing notes fun again. You’ll immediately start to love writing notes and reminders without even feeling tedious.

Dead Simple TODO + Notes HD Vivek Javvaji, Dead Simple TODO + Notes HD – Free

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