iPhone 4 available on June 24 in US, France, Germany, Japan and UK

Apple has announced that the iPhone 4 will be available on June 24th, with pre-orders starting on June 15th. The (lucky) 5 countries that will be getting the iPhone 4 first are: US, France, Germany, Japan and UK. Fret not though if you live elsewhere, as the next gen iPhone will be available to another 18 countries (Australia, Canada, HK, Italy, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, Sweden etc.) sometime in July. By September, Apple will be shipping the phone in 88 countries – which is also their fastest rollout ever.

In terms of price and models, the iPhone 4 will come in both black and white. The Price is $199 in the US for the 16GB model and $299 for the 32GB. And for all you who’ve signed a (lifetime) contract with AT&T, Jobs offered some good news:

“I’m thrilled to announce AT&T is going to make an incredibly generous upgrade offer. If your contract expires any time in 2010, you are immediately eligible for a new iPhone 4 at the same 199 or 299 prices if you top up your contract 2 years.”

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