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Buffalo, NY – PXL Creations has done it again, bringing clever functionality and simple solutions to the Apple touch screen user experience. Today, they release DashPad, an app that brings a Dashboard environment to the iPad. And here is where “clever” and “simple” come into play; DashPad solves the problem of Apple-imposed limitations by bringing multiple widgets to the iPad without jailbreaking or Apple approval. DashPad runs in Mobile Safari, exclusively on the iPad OS.

DashPad not only works great (it’s fast!), but looks great too. There are no crazy menus or confusing layouts; it’s clean on every level. Plus, if you leave DashPad or reload the page, your widgets remain exactly where you left them. We love it because it circumvents the pesky iPad limitation of running only one app at a time. While we realize that this may change in the future, the DashPad delivers multiple Dashboard-like apps to your iPad now. At only $9.99, we think you’ll find DashPad a useful addition to your already cool iPad. Here are some key points on DashPad:

Q.) How much does DashPad cost?
A.) Just $9.99.

Q.) How can I make a secure purchase?
A.) We use PayPal to process our transactions, which is safe and secure. We also never share your personal information.

Q.) How do I install DashPad after purchasing it?
A.) After purchasing DashPad, you will receive an email containing a unique password. You are directed to a login page where you enter that password, and will then be taken to the DashPad download.

Q.) Is DashPad for me? How can I justify the cost?
A.) DashPad is for anyone that wants to run small applications simultaneously. If you need to quickly check the time or add some numbers, DashPad is for you. Widgets are constantly added to DashPad to improve the user experience, so its’ functionality grows over time. Updates are one of our favorite things to do, so expect them often.

Q.) Will updates be free?
A.) Minor updates such as bug fixes or new widgets will be free. However, if a huge feature is added, a priced update might occur. Ready to enjoy Dashboard on the iPad?

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