Price Drop Roundup: Kyle’s Quest 2, Demon Hunter and more FREE for limited time

In celebration of the huge update to the massive and epic TBS game Battle for Wesnoth, Kyle’s Quest 2 is now a free download. For those of you who search high and low for all the quality RPGs that find a home at the App Store, the award winning K.Q 2 would likely have been on your radar for its old school charm and hours upon hours of gameplay.

Also free today is rockifone’s (devs behind Dragon Slaughter) Demon Hunter – Fight or Die, a decent looking 3D dual stick shooter that should please fans of Minigore and the newly released Pirate’s Treasure. Want more freebies? Check out a few other notables after the break!

Kyle's Quest 2 Kyle Poole, Kyle’s Quest 2 – Free

Demon Hunter – Fight or Die

Demon Hunter – Fight or Die, is a dual stick shooter that, through the use of a 3D game engine, presents you with this task of surviving through ever-escalating battles set within a lush environment and atmospheric sound effects.

Play with weapons such as a pistol, a double-barrel shotgun, a machine gun and even a flamethrower (yummy toasted monsters!) and unlock 9 unique heroes, like a former marine, a cowboy, a cyborg and even the original panda master from China

Demon Hunter - Fight or Die, Demon Hunter – Fight or Die – Free

Boowie! The Strong Warrior

A shoot’em up in 2D with deeply polished graphics where you fight dozens of simultaneous enemies.

In this adventure, the player controls Boowie, the warrior of Weezies people, the only one of its kind to be able to defeat hordes of Darkness enemies: The Boozas. Boowie has evolved and acquired his extraordinary strength after awkwardly swallowed a Booza, becoming the hero overpowered of his people.

Boowie! The strong warrior Egg Ball, Boowie! The strong warrior – Free

Sea Battle Classic

Sea Battle Classic is an easy, fun and timeless game for people of any age. INTERNET MULTIPLAYER

Do you remember a paper based Sea Battle game from your childhood?
Simple widely known game, very easy to play having just a pen, a sheet of paper and of course a friend.

Sea Battle Classic Alena Kurulenko , Sea Battle Classic – Free

Spartacus: Blood and Sand

Based on the Starz Original TV series “Spartacus: Blood and Sand,” this 3D fighting game allows players to engage in intense combat as our Thracian hero fights for survival and freedom. Vie to become the top gladiator of Capua, compete in head-to-head multiplayer battles via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, or customize your fighting experience in the challenge and survival modes.

Spartacus: Blood and Sand Artificial Life, Inc. , Spartacus: Blood and Sand (TMA Review) – Free

Doodle Cross

1001 levels!!!
The aim of each level is to clear it of all blocks by drawing lines through them horizontally or vertically. The tricky thing however is that you have to remove a certain number of blocks at the same time this way (this number changes throughout the game).

Doodle Cross ZHU YIWEN , Doodle Cross – Free

iAssociate 2

The sequel to the highly praised word association game iAssociate is finally here! Get ready to once again spend your days and nights solving the new puzzles that iAssociate 2 brings.

With the release of iAssociate 2 we are now improving the game further, answering the requests our fans have made, among the biggest being more levels. iAssociate 2 offers brand new, never before seen, levels for you to enjoy. You will get to figure out what some of the most powerful forces on mother earth are, food in all different forms and tastes, go treasure hunting knowing that X marks the spot and LOTS more.

iAssociate 2 TicBits Ltd , iAssociate 2 – Free

Slapshot Frenzy™

With SLAPSHOT FRENZY, test your one-timing skills to see if you can get the biscuit between the pipes. In Free Skate Mode, you have two minutes to practice your shots without defenders. In Classic Mode, the pressure is on to make every shot count. There are three action packed periods of 2 on 2 Hockey. You must work with two players to face-off, pass and shoot to score as much as you can in 4 and a half minutes.

Slapshot Frenzy? Skyworks, Slapshot Frenzy™ – Free

Babo Crash HD

Note – this game contains both iPhone and iPad HD versions of the game – for one low price!!!

Match 3 with a *twist* ! The heroes and villians of the Babo universe unite to duke it out for high scores in a Match 3 game! Collect gems and fight the Chompii infestation!

Babo Crash HD Playbrains Inc, Babo Crash HD – Free

Bumper Boats HD Premium

The ultimate brain buster puzzle app for the iPad!

With brilliant graphics, sound effects and gameplay, challenge yourself with over 50 levels of brain busting moves that will leave you yearning for more!

Bumper Boats HD Premium Jirbo, Inc. , Bumper Boats HD Premium – Free

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