Smokescreen – There may still be room for Flash on the iDevice after all

As Apple and Adobe exchange pleasantries while on the verge of a full-out war over, the community is holding it’s breath. And while the outcome as such is not clear, one thing that is is that no way, no how will  Flash ever be allowed on the iDevice platform. Or will it?

It seems more and more enthusiasts are taking it upon themselves to do what Apple apparently doesn’t want to for a variety of reasons. We have seen Android running on the iPhone, as well as an ongoing project to port the iPhone OS 4.0 for the no longer supported iPhone 2G (and I’m not even talking about the whole jailbreaking community, extending the iPhone’s possibilities well above and beyond Apple’s walled garden).  And the whole deal with Flash on the iDevice seems to be on the way towards a peaceful (more or less) resolution with Smokescreen by Chris Smoak.

Smokescreen is javascript plugin for the Safari browser on the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad. It works by unpacking the SWF files (in pure Javascript!), extracting the  resources and turning them into a base64 encoded data:uris. Then it stiches them back as an animated SVG. The project is still in its pre-release form and has serious performance issues running anything more complicated than simple banners, at least on an iPhone 3G. But still – we have the first open-source flash player in the works and I hope that soon the naysayers and those scolding the iDevice’s lack of Flash support will just shut the *** up.

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