An update on the OS 4.0 for the iPhone 2G

The fittingstorm project page has recently been updated with some exciting news – while working on porting the iPhone 3G version of the OS 4.0 to the original iPhone, the team has also had success in unlocking features only available to the later versions of the iPhone, like (drum roll) Bluetooth A2DP and peer-to-peer protocols. According to the developers, they do not expect any delays and are targeting the release of the final version in June, together with the official OS 4.0 release.

Check out their update and video message after the gap.

if the firmware is beta 4 rc (release candidate) will have the device 2g firmware 4.0, we have worked hard all rewritten pipes that lacked support in the 2d, we took classes that were missing from the firmware 3.1.3 and unlocked the part number. Finally, we have unlocked the key features of the 4.0 fw as multitasking, folders, and more personalization, which required writing classes do not fit the flow of data cpu 2g for causing the rapid discharge of the battery. and at the request of some of us we are faced with another team of developers to get to also implement a tweak that enables the A2DP support for the 2G iPhone because Apple Have added support for Bluetooth A2DP protocol And Also Mainly used peer to peer protocol for multi player games and file transfers But iphone 2g did not gain Those features and fortunately we have solved! no issue yet because the tool is still in development for the GUI on Mac and Windows, however, is ready command line unix shell, release all together after the release and the last tests on the final release in June. for hours with the beta 4 will have a new device 2g firmware. But releasing a video file and explanation, we are now opening the channel on youtube where you post it.

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