Palm Heroes map editor FREE and available

In anticipation of their next Palm Heroes update, which will add cross-platform multiplayer, the Palm Heroes Team have released a Palm Heroes Map Editor for this amazing turn-based Strategy/RPG. In case you were wondering what Palm Heroes is, it is basically a perfect rendition of Heroes of Might and Magic which has been tearing up the strategy/RPG scene since the 1990’s. It is one of the best iPhone RPG’s and here’s the dirt: shigzeo plays no other game but it, especially late at night when he is supposed to be asleep. Once the update hits the AppStore, users will be able to create and upload their own maps, opening endless possibilities for gameplay in addition to the preset scenarios.

You can download the editor here which comes with a FREE version of Palm Heroes.

More info after the gap:

Palm Heroes Map Editor is now available for public use!
(Editor v.1.05P is compatible only with the game v.1.05.2!)

Please take your time to read several simple rules:


ok, here are the Commandments:

1.Don’t place 2 objects on the same tile. The map may crash or refuse to load!

2.Objects may not be placed outside the map. Be careful with mountains and other multi-cell objects!

3. Monsters attack only on the cell where they stand.
Therefore, a guarded pass should be ‘isolated’ by impassable objects

4. Study the objects! – some rocks, stumps, and cracks are passable!

5. All visitable objects (houses, obelisks, mines, etc.) can be entered from the 3 adjacent cells below.
You can’t visit an object from the adjacent upper cells!

6. If you wish to have a starting hero with a standard army,
TOOLS -> MAP SPECIFICATIONS -> PLAYERS -> SETTINGS -> “create hero in main castle”

7. You must name your maps according to the standard.
Under ‘standard’ I mean this scheme: Name_of_the_map_EN_RU_**.hmm
You should use _ instead of blank space
here’s a sample:

meaning, the map is translated in 2 languages.

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