Simon Graham and the Extraordinary Timepiece, Book I in Review – A Super Puzzle Adventure

Simon Graham and the Extraordinary Timepiece is a puzzle adventure game. Simon Graham arrives at his grandmother’s house, only to find she’s been kidnapped. The only clues he has as to her disappearance are in the diary she left behind. Trouble is, everything is a puzzle! So you must help Simon to solve jigsaws, math questions, word riddles and hidden object hunts in order to track down his missing grandmother.

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As soon as I started playing, the game reminded me of the Professor Layton titles. They share the same quirky style and mind-bending challenges. When you get into the game, you discover the storyline is just as intriguing as the puzzles – it’s not a simple kidnapping, there is something deeper going on, and it’s up to you to uncover the whole truth. As you’ve perhaps already guessed from the game’s title, it’s all to do with this extraordinary timepiece – can you find the hidden pieces?

As you’d expect, the puzzles are easy at the beginning, to break you in gently. However, they quickly become much more difficult, to the extent where they’ll take several attempts to crack. The frustrating thing is, though, you can’t skip any puzzles if you get stuck, which is a nuisance. It would be good to be given the option to do so, either by using a rechargeable meter, or by penalising you somehow. This will probably annoy less patient players such as myself, who would like to be able to keep going even if one particular puzzle has them stumped.

Overall, though, the game is really tough, but puzzle-masters will still plough through until the end. And if you can’t, well, there are always walk-throughs available! I had fun with this game, despite the lack of hints/skips. It’s ideal for five minutes of play here and there, or for longer periods. Either way, your progress will be saved when you quit out of the game, so you can simply pick up where you left off last time.

Simon Graham and the Extraordinary Timepiece is tough enough to make it last a long time (unless you’re an expert puzzle buff, you may well fly through!). This fact, coupled with the graphics, sound and cool storyline make this game well worth its price tag. Puzzle fans, and those of you that liked Professor Layton and similar will love this.


App Summary
Title: Simon Graham and the Extraordinary Timepiece, Book IDeveloper: The App House
Reviewed Ver:1.0Min OS Req:2.2.1
Price:$1.99App Size:12.0 MB
  • Inexpensive
  • Intriguing gameplay
  • High production values
  • No social elements
  • No replay value
  • No option to skip puzzles


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  • Tim Robbin

    Good breakdown. I got the game and I’m really enjoying it. Lack of walk-throughs on the Internet, though! I wrote to the company and they said an update is coming ASAP that allows you to skip. Sweet! I’m still gonna try to finish it the “real way” though. :-)

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