Parrot AR.Drone Qudricopter madness will get an official release date and pricing at E3

When I first saw the news about the Parrot AR.Drone Quadricoptor, I was indeed whet with excitement. This futuristic remote-controlled helicopter is THE thing the kid in me always wanted to have. It seemed to have everything: 2 videocameras, an open API for 3d party apps and even the ability to be controlled from my favourite device – the iPhone. I immediately got into contact with Parrot and was lucky enough to secure an exclusive interview with Michael Pastor, the International Marketing Coordinator for this amazing project.  He shared a lot of information with me about the AR.Drone, but one thing remained unknown – the final pricing and release date.

Well, it seems we won’t have much longer to wait. Parrot has just informed me that they will announce the US pricing and date on E3 along with a few other surprises. One of them is sure to be the iPad support, which seems to be the absolutely perfect control device for the AR.Drone. Regarding the international release, they promised to make the information available right after E3 – so hopefully the rest of the World won’t have to wait long for it.

Flight demo:

Augmented Reality Games:

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