The Twiggles in Review – Melting Your Hardened Gamers’ Heart

When I was requested to review The Twiggles, the sight of the hapless, furry blue creatures needing help to find their way home instantly warmed my heart. Touted to be the closest iPhone counterpart to early PC classic Lemmings, Twiggles is a puzzle-based platformer that pits both your logic and creativity against a variety of tricky and sticky situations.

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Using the available objects at your disposal, you can bounce them on trampolines, help them clamber up ladders, blow up obstacles, dig tunnels – basically make sure they don’t fall into the empty spaces between them and their exit door. You have to safely transport a certain number of Twiggles to successfully complete the level. While each level overflows with Twiggles at the onset, you will find it more and more difficult to hang onto the Twiggles who are merrily falling into oblivion.

The game appears deceptively simple. As soon as you load the game, it’s pick up and play from there. The one-page tutorial manages to explain the whole game. Twiggles is open time – you can proceed at your leisure, but the faster you complete a level, the higher the score and the nicer the medal that you earn. The neat added twist to the game is the rewind function. Here, you can backtrack a few steps simply by pressing the rewind button at the bottom of the screen. You can also speed up the game by hitting the forward button.

Apart from the adorably fluffy furballs, the game boasts of lovely backdrops in deep, vibrant hues. The animation is excellent, smooth and nicely transitions from one scene to the next. The background music is pleasant enough, and the sound of twiggles disappearing into the portal exit adequately captures the sheer relief of having completed the level.

The gameplay is fairly satisfying and engaging enough to get you hooked on completing a few more levels than you were supposed to. Owing to the limited screen real estate, however, it’s logistically challenging and occasionally frustrating to pan the screen in order to check out the level in its entirety while trying to hold the twiggles together. It was not meant to be another obstacle to hurdle; there should be a way to view the scene in its entirety in order to strategize properly.

As you travel through their worlds and unlock achievements, you will find each level plays like a fulfilling episode (maybe it’s the remote controls at the bottom), and what control you have over time manipulation makes you feel like the director of the fuzzy series. The game invites greater participation in that sense and makes you feel truly responsible for the fate of these hapless creatures.

Pleasant, charming and challenging, fans of Lemmings and puzzle lovers alike will find Twiggles a worthy stand-in.

App Summary
Title: The Twiggles Developer: Visual Generation
Reviewed Ver: 1.1 Min OS Req: 2.2
Price: $1.99 App Size: 10.2 MB
  • Great graphics – you gotta love them Twiggles!
  • Smooth animation
  • Nice time manipulation element twist to the gameplay
  • Difficult manoeuvring due to the limited screen real estate
  • Needs more variety in the gameplay, such as mini-games


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