Five Useful Gadgets For Your iPhone

Most people seem to have an iPhone lately; I used to quite enjoy seeing the look of jealousy on people’s faces when they saw my iPhone (although admittedly I always thought I was going to get mugged) but now everyone’s got one. So with that in mind I thought I’d have a look at some fun and useful little gadgets designed to make your relationship with your iPhone that little bit better.

MiLi Pro iPhone Projector

The MiLi Pro iPhone Projector is an awesome little piece of kit; it allows you to project your videos, photos, podcasts (and anything else visual) from your phone onto any convenient wall. The maximum projection is 70 inches, which is bigger than most household TV’s and it comes with integrated speakers and an ultra-slim remote control.

It’s great fun to use and impress your mates with, but it is quite expensive; retailing at the $399 mark (MSRP). If you’ve got apps like Stream to Me and Air Video that stream movies/tv shows from your desktop to your iPhone (provided you have wireless internet at home), it may be worth the investment. And it’s still cheaper than a decent 30 inch TV.

Sony ICF-CL75iP Clock Radio Speaker

I am such a sucker for these kind of gimmicks, but it looks cool, it works really well and it’s Sony – so I couldn’t help but pick one up for myself. The Sony ICF-CL75iP is basically an alarm clock / radio and allows you to wake up to your iPod or iPhone music, video and photos on a large LCD display.

The system has a docking point for your iPhone, which will also charge it, and comes with a built in FM/AM tuner and digital tuning with a 30 station preset.

MiLi Power Skin

The MiLi Power Skin, the world’s thinnest iPhone battery case, is a slim and gorgeous iPhone charger that is genuinely unobtrusive. Whereas most portable chargers on the market are chunky and dramatically increase the size and/or weight of your iPhone, the MiLi Powerskin is light and and no more distracting than most iPhone cases or covers. In fact, it looks just like a protective iPhone case and and you’ll barely even notice it.

The Powerskin offers up to 230 hours standby time, 3.9 hours talk time, 3.9 hours internet use (on 3G) and 19 hours of audio playback.


Before I had the iPhone Projector, the MoviePeg was my favourite iPhone gadget; incredibly simple in its’ design, the MoviePeg is a hands-free stand which allows you to prop up you iPhone in either portrait or landscape positions, meaning you can watch videos on your phone without the inconvenience of trying to prop it up against a wall or something similar. Anyone who’s tried to watch a video on their iPhone without a proper stand will know how frustrating an experience it can be.

So stop faffing around trying to balance your iThingy on the desk and dropping it in your tea –  just buy a Moviepeg, they’re only £4.99.

Messless Gadget Charge Kit

Although not an iPhone specific product, the Messless Gadget Charge Kit does work with the iPhone and iPod and is a fantastic piece of design. It allows you to charge up to four gadgets simultaneously and removes the need for several cables and clutter. In essence, it’s one charger with a variety of different adapters that allow you to plug in a myriad of gadgets and devices. It works brilliantly and the design of the product is excellent, meaning it wouldn’t look out of place in even the most stylish of homes. The gadgets all stand vertically on a glass disc and really make add to the chic design of the product.

Admittedly the charge kit isn’t cheap, retailing at around £49.99 (roughly $72 USD) but it’s definitely the best (and most stylish) multi-product charger I’ve come across.

John lives on the South coast of England and works for an online company specialising in gadgets and toys. He’s a child at heart and loves having a job where he can spend his days playing with new toys, games and gadgets.

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