Android 2.2 sacrificed thanks to slow Flash 10.1 browsing speeds

The absence of iPhone Flash support has been a major points of criticism against Apple. To this Steve Jobs has replied many many many times that Flash kills battery life. Flash is  also slow and buggy and will kill the iPhone user experience. Well, it seems now they actually have some tests to back up those claims.

Fellows over at PocketNow have tested Google’s own Nexus One running the latest 2.2 Android OS with Flash support turned on against the iPhone 3GS and Opera Mobile 10 on an HTC HD2. Bottom line – despite the significantly lower CPU speed, the Jesus phone beats all other browsers hands down when Flash support is enabled. What’s more, simple Flash content such as a side banner is extremely choppy and slow.

Personally I never understood the necessity of Flash on mobile at all – I had enough problems navigating Flash-powered sites even on the desktop to even think of doing it on a handheld. HTML5 all the way!

[via Gizmodo via PocketNow]

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