5 New App Store Games To Watch

Welcome to the inaugural post of a new article that should help consolidate the previous week’s game releases for the iPhone / iPod Touch (and possibly iPad).  This past week [May 17 – May 23] saw the release of Shrek Forever After: The Game, a fairly standard looking platformer with a big green ogre as the protagonist.  For the racing fans there’s Split/Second from Disney, the game that promises “if you can’t out run them, use the city to take them out”.  One thing that’s great about the App Store is that there’s always a wide variety of new releases to choose from.

Shrek Forever After: The Game – Shrek Forever After lets you relieve the plot of the final movie in the Shrek franchise through 11 levels of Far Far Away recreated in glorious 3D on your iPhone or iPod Touch.  You’ll have the chance to play as Shrek, Donkey and Puss In Boots as you try to right Shrek’s wrongs and turn Far Far Away into the happy place it once was.  I don’t want to call this an Avatar in ogre’s clothing, but I’d imagine that it’s quite like James Cameron’s Avatar in that it doesn’t really do anything new for the genre, it just happens to do what it does rather well.  Besides, how often do you get the opportunity to play an ogre, a donkey and a cat all in the same game?

Shrek Forever After? : The Game Gameloft, Shrek Forever Afterâ„¢ : The Game – $6.99

Split/Second – Split/Second is not your ordinary racing game, and being a good racer is not enough.  The city you’re racing through has been rigged like a set for a TV show, and it’s up to you to use that to your advantage.  Trigger explosions at opportune moments to cause the city to come crumbling down on your opponents, thereby giving you the advantage to win the race.  There are 4 different tracks to race through, and 15 different cars with unique attributes to provide you with plenty of variety.  You always need to keep on your toes, because the course of action can change in a split second…

Split/Second Disney, Split/Second – $6.99

MPad – Plane / MPad – Controller – MPad – Plane is an iPad game that lets you participate in space combat with up to five other players.  The game itself is really not that exciting conceptually, but it’s free.  What’s more significant here is the MPad – Controller, which is an iPhone / iPod Touch application.  This acts as the virtual joystick for any MPad games.  In essence, it allows you to play multiplayer games on your iPad without ever touching your iPad.  The controller costs 99 cents, and will let you to play Plane and any other MPad games that come out in the future.

Mpad - Controller PLAY More Limited, Mpad – Controller – $0.99

Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior – For the Kung Fu lovers, or for all the little boys that dreamed of being Bruce Lee when you grew up (you know who you are), Dragon Warrior is the first officially licensed game on the iPhone to use Bruce Lee’s likeness.  You’ll battle through 9 different opponents in 5 exotic locations to prove you are the world’s greatest martial artist.  The characters are all rendered from the motion captured movements of professional martial artists, so it should look highly realistic.  There’s even a story mode that will take you through the “details” of how Bruce Lee came to be the master.  I can just hear it now: “Everybody’s Kung Fu fighting…”

Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior Indiagames Ltd., Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior – $4.99

Aurifi – I threw this in because it deserves special mention for trying something different.  It’s one of those “niche audience” type of games, but it’s the reason a platform like the iPhone can be so successful for games – it allows developers to think outside of the box.  The game has no visuals.  In fact, you are encouraged to close your eyes while you play.  Instead of fancy graphics, Aurifi uses a finely woven tapestry of sound effects and music to create a gaming experience unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.  Just be sure to use your headphones so you get the full effect of the game.

Aurifi Punk Pie, Aurifi – $4.99

Normally this roundup will include 10 games, but I jumped into this mid-week so decided it would be better to cut the first article short.  However, even at full capacity I’m sure there will be games that I don’t cover that you feel are worthwhile.  Please feel free to leave a comment letting us know what you’ve found to be enjoyable that was released during the past week.

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