Hazard Manager 1.0 for iPad – Spatially Based Workplace Inspection

Oakville, Ontario – OS&B today is pleased to introduce Hazard Manager 1.0 exclusively for the Apple iPad. A workplace inspection app, Hazard Manager allows automation of the entry, configuration, and export of hazard points recorded on a workplace floor plan. The app supports email export of a date-stamped, user-stamped, x-y geo-referenced .csv hazard database to GIS, CAD, or spreadsheet programs for record-keeping, spatial analysis, and 3-D visualization. Accuracy is improved using floor plan Cartesian coordinates rather than GPS.

Exploiting the advanced technologies of the iPad, Hazard Manager allows the user to conduct paper-free workplace inspections and record other data pertinent to their Health & Safety program. A handy review button allows the user to use the iPad as a Minutes machine for Health & Safety Committee meetings – simply skip back through the Hazard Points visited on the last inspection to prevent neglecting of issues noted on the floor.

There are three fundamental functionalities to the Hazard Manager: (1) The ability to upload a workplace floor plan .jpg into the Hazard Manager on to the user’s iPad. (2) The ability to add, edit, and delete Hazard Points on a monthly map in a number of layer categories necessary to support a Health & Safety program in the workplace. (3) And a .csv database e-mail export functionality that allows the user to export a date-stamped, user-stamped, x-y geo-referenced Hazard database to GIS, CAD, or spreadsheet programs for record-keeping, spatial analysis, and 3-D visualization. Data entry layers include workplace inspection, lost-time injuries, no-lost-time injuries, first aid, near misses and more.

Feature Highlights:

* Makes any iPad a complete workplace inspection and hazard management tool

* Paper-free workplace inspections and notes

* JPEG floor plans with multiple data entry layers

* Identify hazard points using x-y geo-referenced coordinates

* Full import and export capabilities

* Facilitates spatial analysis and 3-D visualization

* User comments and suggestions welcome

Hazard Manager can be an extremely valuable tool in Hazard Management in the workplace. Once the floor plan .jpg is uploaded, Hazard Manager generates 13 clones for more than a year’s worth of monthly inspection maps on which various layers of Hazard Points are recorded. The Hazard Map for any month may be revisited, edited, and exported multiple times. Available free, Hazard Manager is the first, easiest, spatially-based Hazard Management apps available in the App Store.

“Our facility has a very active and successful Joint Health and Safety Committee made up of managers and supervisors who have received certification,” commented R&D manager Chris McLeod. “Hazard Manager 1.0 grew out of our continual focus on improving health and safety, and we’re proud to share it.”

Language Support:

English only, however this is a text-lite application relying instead on map symbols

Device Requirements:

* Compatible with iPad

* iPhone OS 3.2 or later

* 0.9 MB

Pricing and Availability:

Hazard Manager 1.0 for the iPad is available free of charge from the App Store in the Business category.

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