Freebie Friday: BioDefense and Jet Ball both FREE today

Good news for those of you who’re hoping for some new (and free) iDevice games to keep you occupied this weekend. Resolution Interactive’s BioDefense: Zombie Outbreak has just dropped in price from $2.99 to free. BioDefense is a tower defense game with a zombie and RTS twist, one that ‘ll provide plenty of challenge and wave after wave of the undead. If you own an iPad as well, the HD specific version can also be had for free.

If Zombies or TD games ain’t your cup of tea, codefreeze’s fun and addictive Jet Ball is also a freebie (down from $4.99). Fans of Arkanoid and breakout clones will love the hectic pace of this brick smashin’ game. (sorry, no iPad version just yet). The price drops are only for a very limited time, so don’t miss out on both these worthwhile titles!

BioDefense: Zombie Outbreak BioDefense: Zombie Outbreak (TMA Review) – Free

BioDefense HD BioDefense HD – Free

Jet Ball Jet Ball (TMA Review) – Free

Jet Ball

Destroy all static and moving bricks and obstacles to win the level. Touch and move left or right the pulsing circle under the pad to control it. Touch anywhere higher with another finger (use multi-touch) to release a ball, launch a rocket or shoot with plasma gun.

Shining blocks contain bonuses that can seriously change the situation. Green power-ups will help you to cope the task – such as ball splits, rocket launcher, plasma gun, fire ball, acid ball, magnet, shield and so on. Try to avoid red power-downs, that can speed up balls, decrease board size, make balls flight trajectory unpredictable or even explode the board.

  • bright, impressive graphics, nice visuals
  • online leaderboard and lots of achievements with OpenFeint
  • 65 spinning and moving levels; new levels coming soon
  • 3 difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, Hard
  • dynamic game play
  • more than 20 different power-ups and power-downs
  • more than 60 different bricks and obstacles, rectangle and round bricks, exploding bricks and plasma-star bricks
  • original soundtrack and sound effects
  • current game auto save
  • background iphone/ipod music is possible

The perfect choice for all fans of arcade games such as arkanoid or breakout!

BioDefense: Zombie Outbreak

Explore the wastelands of BioDefense in this unique release from Resolution Interactive that will revolutionize strategy games on the iPhone/iPod Touch platform.

BioDefense is a real-time strategy game where you’re defending your base against waves of relentless zombies. Build your defenses well and expand your base into the pitch-black wastelands in the hunt for more resources. Beware of different enemy behavior and adapt your tactics or be overrun in the mayhem.

How long will you survive the zombie outbreak?

Key Features:

  • Unique Mix of RTS and TD
  • Play endless Survival Mode to unlock more content
  • 10 Missions provides fast challenges
  • 6 Unique Enemy Types with different behavior
  • Large waves of attacking enemies
  • Research Tech and upgrade your buildings
  • Unlock Missions and Enemy info
  • 25 OpenFeint Achievements
  • Compete on OpenFeint Leaderboards

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