2Do: A Stunning To Do List with Push and Sync In Review – Finally A 2Do That’s 4 U!

I’ve reviewed “to do” apps in the past.  The thing that usually sets them apart is design and feature set.  Some look rough around the edges, but offer a lot, while others are the exact opposite – great interface without much substance. Recently I was able to get my hands on 2Do: A Stunning To Do List with Push and Sync, an app that very well may have found that happy medium between form and function.

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The design  of 2Do isn’t necessarily “new”.  We’ve all seen the notepad style interface on a ToDo app in the past (not to mention Apple’s very own notepad).  What I do like about it’s  approach is that although it has a familiar feel in style, it doesn’t try to do too much and it looks great overall.  The colors really blend well together and the tabs on the side offer a nice contrast while serving a purpose as well.

The UI is broken up into 4 easy to use tab sections found at the bottom: ToDos, Done, Sync and Settings. I’ve seen apps with more options and controls up front, but in the end, less is usually the better way to go.

To create items, you just simply tap the “+” symbol at the top and begin filling in your details.  You can add just about everything you can think of to your ToDo, such as an alarm, picture, and even recorded audio clips!.  To make things easier you can also add “tags” to your items so that if you happen to have a lot of things on one list, you can search for the tags and find what you were looking for.

Now, to separate your lists into appropriate groups, you use “calendars”, which are essentially the multicolored tabs you see on the left of the screen. You can create as many as you’d like and they can also be edited once made.This is by far my favorite feature of the app.  I have a fair amount of different ToDo lists and this tabbed interface just makes adding and keeping track of items much more intuitive, not to mention that it’s extremely easy on the eyes. A neat little extra tidbit: on top of all your ToDo items, 2Do can also automatically track any birthdays that you have entered in the Contacts.app and you’ll be able to keep an eye on them while knocking out your various tasks.

Now if you’re like me, you love to have backups.  You never know what might happen and when you’re going to need to recover your data. That said, I was ecstatic to see a built-in backup system. Using wifi, you just point your browser to a specified URL and you’ll be able to backup your data with ease.

Now there are a LOT of extras to this app in the settings tab.  I could probably write a second review just on those, but rather than leave you with a chapter 2, I’ll just pick a few that stands out.  Regardless, I do encourage all of you to check out the app listing in the App Store for the full breakdown.

Some of the highlights that can be controlled via settings include the ability to focus on certain tasks for viewing (basically hiding apps per calendar list by way of due day), re-arranging the order of the properties you see when adding/viewing an item, and even adding a countdown timer.

Another notable feature is the “Look & Feel” section.  Here you can change the style of the entire app.  Go from the “Post-It” look to a more lined paper style, change fonts and type with translucent keyboards. The possibilities are almost endless with the amount of variations you can make to the app and changing it’s entire look & feel.

The last useful feature I want to touch on is the Alerts.  Not only is the app great at keeping all your lists organized and customized the way you want them, you can also get push alerts on your iPhone and email notifications as well when your tasks are due.

Now there are a lot of things “to do” in 2Do and it can be somewhat intimidating to some new users.  Fret not though; scroll down the settings page and you will find the “Features & Help” menu with all sorts of tips, tricks, and pointers on how to get the most out of the app.

Overall I am really impressed with 2Do: A Stunning To Do List.  After using the app for the past week, I can say that I was pleasantly surprised at both how great it looks and how easy it was to manage all my todos . So much so that this is is now my official ToDo app for my iPhone and I don’t see that changing any time soon.  If you’re in the market for a new app to help you keep track of a busy schedule (or even a light one for that matter), I highly recommend that you check out 2Do. And if you’re still unsure, then take a look at the free lite version also available on the App Store.

App Summary
Title: 2Do: A Stunning To Do List with Push and Sync Developer: Guided Ways Technologies Ltd
Reviewed Ver: Min OS Req: 3.0
Price: $6.99 App Size: 9.6 MB
  • Simple to use
  • Great design
  • Almost everything can be customized
  • Backup data to computer
  • Push & email alerts
  • None to mention


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