Creme In Review – Twitter’s creme de la creme?

As long as the world turns there will always be Twitter clients hitting the appstore. Right, so there are more hits than misses and nowadays with so many Twitter clients, an app needs to speak to a niche need/market if it’s going to take hold. Otherwise all that work could have been for very little.  Today I have my hands on Creme by Directionality Studios. Sloganed “Creme de la creme” which crudely translates to “Best of the best”, Creme is a prime example of one that could swing either way.  Read on to see if this Creme, was frais (that’s French for fresh ;), or curdled.

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Creme looks great. Using mostly shades of brown and white,Directionality Studios achieve a laid back look. It isn’t cut and paste, like some other clients.  Rather than fill the screens with buttons upon buttons, the UI is much more subtle and clean.

To move between screens you just swipe left or right; accessing other menus and functions is done by multi-touch/swipe input, a first for twitter clients that I’ve seen. To get to the settings area for example, you place 2 fingers on the screen and turn.  A very neat little feature.  There are more of those types of features, the problem is though, that there is no obvious “read this” anywhere in the app.  A major over sight in my opinion.

So to use the app you need to set up pages.  To do so you start at your “Creme” screen and swipe up. There you’ll be able to select everything from, individual users to any of your lists.  Anything you select ends up on the Creme page as a link to its page in the app. Rather than go with buttons or badges. The developers have made it so that when there is a new tweet in one of your sections, the background color of the page link on your Creme landing page is a darker shade of brown.  Again another nice UI idea. Definitely looks better than badges.

Now getting around is easy, just swipe left or right and you will see all the pages/people /whatever you selected displayed in a format similar to what most people see in a Twitter app.  Writing however is a different story. Creme seems more geared to the reader than the heavy writer as there are no options to include any sort of media in a tweet.  Anything “extra” that you are used to seeing in a screen for composing tweets isn’t there.  Now I know that some items ARE eventually coming to the app but the problem is that there are a lot of equally priced OR FREE apps that have all those things.

Now Creme does have some features that people are used too. Multiple accounts for example, even auto link shortening. This app is a good app. It’s just at this point really tailored to a specific group of people. I enjoy using it and reading is a breeze with all the neutral colors.  There’s also a neat feature where when one person sends you multiple messages in succession, rather than list them 4-5 times it just groups them and displays them all together. Very convenient and great on saving space.

In the end, I would say I both like and dislike Creme. It’s got more features than a lot of free apps, but lacks that even basic apps at their price point include. Its biggest point really is the clean and attractive interface.  As I mentioned before, I feel that this app is geared more towards the person that reads and watches timelines a lot more than they post themselves.  If that sounds like you, and you don’t NEED features like photo/video uploading or direct messages, then this app may be right for you.

App Summary
Title: Créme Developer: Directionality Studios
Reviewed Ver: 1.4 Min OS Req: 3.0
Price: $2.99 App Size: 1.3Mb
  • Nice clean interface
  • Makes use of multi-touch
  • Lacking a lot of “usual” features
  • Multi-touch is not 100% accurate
  • No instructions/help


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