iPhone App Site is New Million Dollar Sensation with a Twist

Santa Monica, California – Ever hear of the Million Dollar Homepage? The all-advertising web site was an Internet marketing phenomenon, selling one million pixels of ad space at $1 apiece and selling out in less than five months. Santa Monica native Adam Friedman sure did and his tweaks to this innovative concept are starting to pay off in a big way.

Friedman’s company, Cracked Eggs Productions, has created a site strictly for iPhone apps, the Million Dollar App Site, and creators of some of the most popular apps, including MiniSquadron and i-Gun Ultimate, jumped at the opportunity to join.

“[The iPhone version] was really a no-brainer,” said Friedman. “The Million Dollar Homepage had tiny banner ads for just about anything, and you couldn’t find anything on the site. iPhone apps each have their own square icon, but with all the app sites out there, not one had a giant grid of all the icons.”

The iPhone angle isn’t the only change, however. Besides helping to generate app sales, buying space on the site can be viewed as a potential investment. Once the spaces sellout, space owners are then allowed to sell their spaces for a profit.

“When the Million Dollar Homepage sold out, it was at the peak of its popularity, but there was nothing left to sell,” said Friedman. “When the Million Dollar App Site sells out, space owners can take advantage of the traffic by re-selling them.”

It’s a win-win formula that allows new apps to gain exposure and motivates app developers to help promote the site. According to developer Andreas Moller, “It’s about time somebody made that website.”

Million Dollar App Site

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