Inflight Entertainment evolved: iPad via Bluebox Ai

Air Canada, Korean Air, and all the fuddly duddly airlines out there should take a good look at Bluebox Ai inflight entertainment systems. An iPad instead of a shoddy resistive touchscreen monster from the days of Al Capone means a happier customer. It means fewer fights, less alcohol consumption, and maybe even quieter babies. While there are few details as to how Bluebox intend to ‘do’ the iPad, at least we know it is coming, possibly this July. And, it will be an elegant, worthwhile solution. Of course, rowdy customers may try to Gizmodo the new iDevice from a Bluebox Ai airline, but then again, Apple are used to theft.

More info after the gap:

Bluebox Avionics is proud to announce the launch of bluebox Ai, the industry’s only inflight entertainment system to utilise the Apple iPad.

bluebox Ai leverages the power, flexibility and quality of the most advanced consumer device ever produced.

And with our proprietary bluebox security solution, the Ai is fully approved for early-window IFE content, just like all other products in the bluebox range.

The Ai movie player delivers a new standard in picture quality for portable devices, and the audio performance you’d expect from the inventors of the iPod.

bluebox Ai will be launching on an international carrier in July, and will be available to other airlines shortly afterwards.

bluebox Ai takes full advantage of the revolutionary technology behind a truly industry-changing device, including:

• full range of games from the iTunes App Store

• full selection of consumer magazines, powered by Zinio™

• at least 10 hours battery life playing video

• eBooks as available in the App Store

• custom apps built for your airline

• and a selection of over 200,000 commercial apps available for iPad

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