Stolen iPhone 4G part 67 – Jason Chen the felon

The iPhone 4G/Next gen iPhone story: it’s cute, it’s fuzzy. It’s full of theft, guilt, and the stupid press. and like it or not, it keeps flooding the interweb. Later this year, Gizmodo editor, Jason Chen, may be able to highlight a couple of things on his CV. One is his possibly new status as felon. Extra bilious bits don’t need to be added here, but the Giz’s recent moves look a lot more guilty. John Gruber reckons that Jesus Diaz is hiding out in New York; AppleInsider hold that the iPhone prototype was stolen, not found; Apple don’t like Giz’s shoddy dissection job; and the whole of the law-abiding internet are stymied by Giz’s decision to steal a prototype iPhone.

Me? I just hope Apple clean up the seams and pull the glass safely inside the metal frame.

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