Navy Husband Designs iPhone Apps To Help Sailors Prepare Their Uniforms

San Diego, California – PocketMac, a leading Macintosh and iPhone development firm, today releases Uniformity and Ribbons, two new iPhone apps designed to help sailors improve their professional appearance. The two apps reduce the complex task of assembling a sailor’s uniform and ribbons to a few clicks.

The applications came about as the company’s CEO, Terence Goggin, watched his wife, an officer in the US Navy, attempting to assemble a rarely-worn dress uniform.

“She needed to put all of the pins on the jacket in specific spots, but she couldn’t remember where they were supposed to go,” Goggin explained. “I tried to help her look up the rules in the official Navy publication, but there were hundreds of pages. It took forever!”

In talking to other Navy spouses, Goggin soon realized that every sailor had these same frustrations. This inspired him to create Uniformity, the first of these new iPhone apps.

This easy-to-use application contains every one of the Navy’s complex and confusing rules on proper military appearance, helpfully illustrated and cross-referenced for easy use. It also features complete instructions on the wear of ribbons, medals, badges, and insignia as well as guides to all uniforms in use in the service today, from the most formal to the most casual.

“Full dress, dinner dress, khakis, whites, blues…the Navy has a ridiculous amount of uniforms,” Goggin said. “Who can possibly keep straight where all of the insignia and ribbons go? And now there are even more new uniforms that were just introduced, each with new requirements. So I wanted to simplify all of that. We’ve taken the hundreds of pages of baffling minutia and created a straightforward app that will help you assemble your uniform in just a few minutes. It’s now so easy, your spouse could even do it for you!”

Goggin continued, “Uniformity is this simple. Tell the application what your rank and gender is, click a button and it will tell you the regulations appropriate to you and the uniform you want to wear. It’s all clear and straightforward. And since you carry the regulations with you on your phone, you can easily help other sailors maintain a professional appearance as well!”

His new familiarity with Navy uniforms inspired a second application as well, this one designed to help sailors put their ribbons in the proper order. Ribbons is the first ribbon rack builder for iPhone. This free software knows every Navy award and its order of precedence, allowing users to put the awards signified by the ribbons into a wearable “rack” simply by ticking boxes. Once the sailor’s awards are identified, a custom ribbon rack can be ordered through partner USA Military Medals with just a few clicks on the user’s iPhone.

“All sailors used to have problems assembling a squared-away uniform.” Goggin said. “With Uniformity and Ribbons, they don’t anymore.”

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
* Requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later
* 8.5 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Uniformity retails for $5.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available exclusively through the App Store in the Reference category. Ribbons is a free download.

Uniformity and Ribbons
Purchase and Download
Download Ribbons from iTunes

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